The 411 on The Diva Cup

August 8, 2014By 6 Comments

Like you, I love Sunny. She’s fun, generous, goofy as all hell, and despite some gross hippie habits, an all around dope homegirl. But a while back, I’d  heard her running her mouth about the Diva Cup and I gagged.  Friggin’ gross. I teased her endlessly and it appears that payback is a bitch. She surprised me with one for my birthday. FUUUU&*K! Now, I had to try it. The results were, well, check us out discussing it.

Do you collect your endometrial lining in a cup? How’s that working out?

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  1. Diana Siuta says:

    Lol! You guys are so funny. I want to try this now. I’ve tried SoftCups before. Are those sort of the same thing?

  2. I really like my Diva cup. I only use a panty liner one night out of every cycle in addition to it, but lately I haven’t even needed that.

    I remember when I first started my current job several years ago back in 2011, I couldn’t find my Diva cup and I was panicking super hard because I was supposed to start in a couple days and my mom was out of 7th gen pads and I wasn’t about to buy some chlorinated ones!
    I went on amazon and used a gift card I had from beta testing a little android app, used most of it to get rush shipping and to my house.
    It was there in time and now I have TWO diva cups. I never thought to get them as presents for the friends whom use tampons(since they’re a little more up close and personal with themselves than friends whom just use pads)! I’m also a huge fan of buying holiday presents that people will USE. :3

    I also have a friend whom LOVES swimming but is kinda uncomfortable with even tampons, but with the dumb string, I wouldn’t even want to wear tampons when swimming, knowing my luck it’d peek out! It might help her be more comfortable with her own body and help her enjoy swimming more. :3

    • Sunny says:

      They are life-changing, right? So many ladies are intimidated by them at first *cough, cough TIFFANY* 😉 but after giving them a whirl, they become die-hard fans like us, too! 🙂 xo

  3. Tiffany says:

    OMG. I look really good in that freeze frame shot. Nice work.

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