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SW Basics

When it comes to travelin’, I’m def a no-fuss gal. I need to be able to just plop ish into my luggage without too much thought or energy (surprise, I’m laaaaaazay!) ;) I’m especially super big on travel size beauty products. Ain’t nobody go time for squeezing cleansers and beauty ointments from one container to another (especially with kiddos in the mix).

One of my favorite brands for travel size minis is S.W. Basics (they make big size versions of beauty products, too). I’m a GIGANTOR fan of S.W. Basics (formally known as Sprout) because all of their products are 100% all-natural and are made with very few yet mega quality ingredients that are certified organic, Fair Trade, and/or sourced from small family farms. I gotta say, their packaging is pretty fantastic, too! Everything comes in glass containers, and the labels have a retro apothecary vibe – sooooo up my alley. If this beauty line were a person, I’d wanna give him/her the biggest, juiciest, bone-crushin’ hug for being so kickass and dope.  Since I can’t though, the best I can do is share them with y’all (in review form). 

My favorite minis include:

  • Mini Exfoliant, $12 – This right here is pure “kitchen-cabinet awesomeness.” It has ground organic oats and almonds, mineral-rich sea salt harvested from nearby coasts, and that’s it! Just add water, rub onto your skin, and rinse. It’s simple, nourishing, and super-effective (sloughs off gunk and dead skin cells like a charm!).
  • Mini Lemongrass Body Oil, $12 – After a nice hot soak in the tub, nothing feels more luxurious than slathering moisture-rich oils all ovah my body (especially legs after a shave). This bad boy contains grapeseed, avocado, and sesame oils—it’s light enough to soak in deep and heavy enough to mega moisturize without leaving you feelin’ like slick mess.
  • Mini Makeup Remover, $10 – This super-light, sweet almond/extra-virgin olive/jojoba oil blend is divine. It removes makeup easily and doubles up as a moisturizer, too. Win-win, betches!
  • Mini Body Scrub, $12 – Body scrubs are my jam, yo! I primarily use them as hand scrubs, because I’m [again] lazy and don’t wanna clean up oily residue in my tub. But a quick lil’ hand scrub before bed is a MUST. It totally relaxes me and makes my hands smell and feel delicious! This one contains organic demerara sugar and organic shredded coconut along with some moisturizing organic coconut oil. Yum-o! (Seriously, could I snack on this in a pinch?) ;)

Have you tried S.W. Basics? Thoughts? Raves? Dish! xoxo

Products were provided for review. 

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