Cruelty-Free Masik Collegiate Fragrances

August 26, 2014By 4 Comments

Masik Collegiate FragrancesSchool’s back in, and I don’t know about you, but I’m stoked! Why? Because I’m not going! Woot! Trust me, I’ve put in my time. But, if you are packing up your new Trapper Keeper and Hello Kitty pencils, I found something else for you to throw in your backpack. Masik Collegiate Fragrances! The people at Masik have created individualized scents for various schools and were inspired by things such as school colors and traditions, location and flowers and trees in the area. I love this idea. And they’re cruelty-free and smell really great too!

Check out the list of schools they have turned into scents and see if yours is represented. Fortunately for me, UC Berkeley is not. Nobody needs to smell stale beer, cheap coffee and mounds of debt.

Now, shouldn’t you get off the internet and get back to cramming?

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  1. Audrey says:

    But stale beer, cheap coffee and mounds of debt are the building blocks of youth and vitality! Hahaha.
    Bur really, also feeling pretty awesome starting my first school-free September. Cheers!


  2. Mary Hood says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I was so excited to see mention of Masik fragrances on Vegan Beauty Review. The founder, Katie Masik, is an alumna of my alma matter, Bucknell University. I can’t wait until they release a Bucknell-inspired fragrance. It’s supposedly intended to evoke memories of sunsets with notes of peach, cherry blossom, and fresia. Here’s hoping it doesn’t smell like stale beer and cheap coffee 😀

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