Stellar Products for Your Vacation Dry-Out!

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Lake Tahoe 2014

I went to Lake Tahoe last week for a lil’ getaway. We rented a boat and I stuffed myself and my kid in an inner tube so I didn’t have to move. To hell with swimming, I got dragged around in the water. I barbequed my skin (Sunny just told me there’s a Vit D crisis and it’s okay to sunbathe!) and drank crap beer through my Camelbak. Yup, that’s how I roll on da vaca. News flash to maself: Lake Tahoe is 6000 ft above sea level and it’s dry as f*ck up there. I came home and my skin, lips and liver are a mess. Good thang I gots some remedies, yo.

For my lips: Epic Blend – oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This is my new favorite lip balm. Based out of Canada, this stuff is made from only the best ingredients, like organic coconut oil and organic sunflower oil (warning: some blends contain beeswax. Why? I dunno, cuz it’s not necessary), but no petroleum or synthetic preservatives added so there’s that. One of the vegan blends is pineapple mint. SOOO yummy and moisturizing. Pucker up!

epic blend

For my face: Organic Doctor – These products are only available at Vitamin World stores and online but they are definitely worth looking into. They are made from a minimum 70% organic ingredients and sourced from around the world (how sophisticated!). By keeping the ingredients as raw and as close to their natural state as possible, Organic Doctor claims their products are more “active.” I can get down with that. I have been using the Rose Otto Day Cream for my dried out mug and it is doing its job nicely. Not too thick and not too thin, this cream has an uplifting and aromatic scent that leaves my skin feeling, well… nice and rosey!

organic doctor

For my sexy body: Lulu Blossom Milk and Honey Body Lotion – She’s baaaaack! You may recall when I went crizanay over Lulu Blossom’s bath products. Yeah, I wanted to eat them. 🙂 This time I’m going bonkers over their body lotion. Don’t let the “milk” and “honey” fool you. This jizz is 100% vegan. One more reason I worship this brand.

lulu blossom

I’m all lubed up now and ready for another vacation! Who’s coming?

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