Cruelty-Free False Lashes and Glue!

July 3, 2014By 22 Comments
vegan false lashes

I love my falsies. It’s like wearing a wig, but over my eyeballs. 😉

Hi, my name is Sunny and I’m a false lashaholic. It’s true. I wasn’t blessed with bountiful mounds of lushy lashes, so I’ve been dependent on falsies to give me an everyday boost of va-va-voomitude. There are lots of false lashes to choose from, many which are vegan and cruelty-free (i.e. not animal-derived or tested on animals), and they all vary in price and quality.

Here are some of my fave false eyelash brands:

  • e.l.f. – I’m listing this brand first because their lashes are only $1! You can find these in “natural” or “dramatic, ” and if you spring a couple more bucks ($3), you can buy an entire eyelash kit that comes with glue, a shaper, and an applicator.
  • Adorn – Although they only offer one type of lashes, they are very natural looking for everyday use.
  • Ardell – This is an affordable and easy to access drugstore brand. The majority of their lashes are very natural looking.
  • EcoTools: They offer 6 styles of lashes, and each pair is hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested. Their glue is also non-toxic (paraben-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, and formaldehyde-free).
  • Helen Dowsley – These handmade and ethically sourced (only company I know which holds this standard) synthetic vegan lashes are gorgeous. They are reasonably priced at $12 and are available in natural and dramatic varieties. 
  • House of Lashes – Their lashes are made with 100% sterilized premium human hair (Au Naturale, Flirty, Glam Collections) and cruelty-free synthetic fibers (Premium Luxe Collection).
  • Swagger Cosmetics  – If you’re looking to vamp of your pretty mug for a night out, def go with these. They’re dramatic and hella fun!
  • Winks by Georgie Beauty – These are a bit on the pricier end ($18), but they look like fancy designer lashies. They offer lots of styles, but my faves are the ‘Bon Ton’ Faux Lashes (criss-cross half lashes) – I love the way they make my eyes pop without looking too drag queeny. I wanna order like 20 pairs of these! 😉

Vegan Eyelash Glue:

  • Duo – This brand can be found at drugstores like Walgreens and Target. They’re affordable, highly effective (waterproof and long-lasting), and are available in clear and tinted black (which helps blend in with your eyeliner).
  • Georgie Beauty – This lash glue is vegan certified, formaldehyde-, phthalate-, and synthetic fragrance-free. These are also available in both clear and tinted black. 

What’s your favorite brand of vegan falsies? And if I’ve left any of this list, please lemme know! xo

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Longtime vegan, hardcore compassionate beauty junkie, serious cake aficionado, and lover of all things floofy and sparkly! If there's something in particular you'd like me to review, drop me a line at You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google +.

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  1. Louise says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I received some eyelashes in a vegan subscription box (unicorn ones) and they didn’t come with glue!? I didn’t even know that was a thing, I thought lashes just always came with glue! I’ve struggled finding glue as i’m a newish vegan and don’t have a collection of “safe” brands as yet. So thanks for this. I’ve just ordered some dark stuff from Duo 🙂

  2. Ines Navarro says:

    Ardell pestañas

  3. Sheila Warne says:

    Where can I buy Georgie beauty eyelash glue I live in Australia

  4. Rebecca says:

    Please sign me up for your newsletters. Thank you!

  5. Tina says:

    I can’t find what Ardell’s lashes are made of online. How do you we know they are really cruelty free if their lashes come from China and Indonesia which are two countries that have the highest number of animal abuse and cruelty without any regulation?

  6. Ashlee says:

    You’d also love Red Cherry Lashes ( They are the best lashes and they’re vegan/cruelty-free!

  7. Elly says:

    Interesting idea about eyelashes, I should try some of those you have just mentioned. Thanks

  8. Amy says:

    Hi Sunny,

    You still wear lashes all the time, correct? I have never tried them. Are they difficult to apply and remove? Thanks!

    • Sunny says:

      Hey, Amy! I do still love and use falsies. 😉 In the beginning, they take some getting used to and application can be tricky, but the more you use them, the easier the whole process gets. xx

  9. Elle says:

    Do you know any salons that only use cruelty free glue?

  10. Miranda says:

    House of lashes is cruelty free as well and they do provide eyelashes glue! They have really gorgeous lashes usually $12 a pair but it’s totally worth it cause you can wear them up to 50-60 times ( depending on how well you take care of them! )

  11. Stephanie says:

    Duo eyelash glue contains formaldehyde.

  12. Emily says:

    Georgie Lash Glue contains sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate. This is commonly used in cleaning products and is an irritant to the skin and eyes with potential permanent damage to the eye. True Glue adhesive is new and the first completely natural glue.

  13. Lila says:

    Are *all* Ardell lashes vegan/made with synthetic hair?

    They are easy (online) to get here in germany and have a wide choice. That would be freaking a-w-e-s-o-m-e! 😀

  14. hira khan says:

    currently i am using ELF eyelashes and these eyelashes given by my friend I love them and these are very good for everyday use.

  15. Crystina says:

    Dose of Colors has a small selection of vegan lashes. Eylure is cruelty free but when I asked if they ever used animal hair they said “most of our lashes are human hair and some are synthetic”. Which sounded to me like side-stepping the question. And Sugarpill has vegan lashes- but they lean to the crazy side.

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