Vegan Cuts Mens Grooming Box Review

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vegan cuts grooming box

I know I’m always pimpin’ out kickass vegan beauty products for the ladies, but every once in awhile, I like to hook the dudes up with some fab recs, too! After all, we all want our fellas¬†to smell and look amahzing as well. ūüėČ That’s why I’m pumped to tell y’all about The¬†Vegan Cuts limited edition Men’s Grooming Box!

This box of goodies, co-curated with Joshua Katcher from¬†The Discerning Brute,¬†includes manly necessities like¬†dudely shampoo, face wash, even¬†an eco wallet (just to name a few) and is valued over $100 but only costs $27.95¬†(includes free shipping in the U.S). That’s a pretty sweet deal!

The¬†Vegan Cuts Men’s Grooming Box¬†includes:¬†

  • Stitch and Locke Wallet¬†– My hubs loooooooooves this wallet! His chiropractor actually recommend he switch his bulky, thick-ass wallet to one of these. It so rad – it fits 8¬†cards plus $$, and¬†it’s¬†simple, slim,¬†and¬†made from cork fabric and denim. It’s functional and comfortable! It also has a lil’¬†corner notch which allows you to easily slide out cards when you need ’em.
  • The Fanciful Fox Facial Serum¬†– This facial moisturizer¬†uses a unique blend of plant oils rich in vitamins and minerals. The light formula absorbs quickly, promotes skin elasticity, and balances complexion. Plus it’s suitable for everyday use and all skin types.
  • Formulary 55 Mr. Mustachio Shave Oil¬†– I can’t even begin to fathom what it’s like having coarse hairs growing out of mah face! So stoked to be a lady! But, if I were a dude, I’d be slathering all sorts of beauty oils (like this one) on my face to keep it soft and smooth. This mustache shave oil is made with soothing aloe and a blend of herbal extracts which¬†protect and¬†soften the skin. You can use it as a pre-shave under your existing shaving cream, or solo as a one-step shaving product. I might even try this products out on my legs when my hubs ain’t lookin’.
  • Bulldog Skincare Face Wash¬†– I actually did try this and have claimed this as my own. ūüėČ It’s packed with antioxidant-rich green tea and eight essential oils, which give it a wonderful fresh herbal scent. I love that it leaves my skin clean without drying, and it totally helps combat pesky breakouts.
  • Relucir Shampoo¬†– This shampoo is FANCY. It has a clinically proven formula that helps promote longer, thicker and healthier hair, and it’s designed to stimulate and fortify the hair and scalp condition, creating a healthy environment for hair restoration. Ooh, I might be claiming this one for my beauty stash, too! My hair can use all the TLC it can get. I haven’t tried this bad boy out yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes when I do.¬†
  • Schmidt’s Deodorant¬†– It’s no secret that I’m already a HUGE Schmidt’s Deodorant fan. They are handmade, vegan, non-toxic, and they all smell heavenly, especially the Ylang-Ylang + Calendula and¬†Cedarwood + Juniper (‚Üźthe scent included in this box). Best part of all is that they actually work!! Schtinky pits be gone. I may be a delicate flower of a lady, but lemme tell you, I can smell like a stanky beast sometimes, so when I say a deodorant works, you best believe. ūüėČ
Like what you see? Surprise the special guy in your life with one of these sweet goodie boxes. You can order your¬†Vegan Cuts limited edition Men’s Grooming Box¬†here! xo

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  1. I love Schmidt’s deodorants too!

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