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This is a special guest post by my beloved homegirl, Rebeca Liera.

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Although Sunny loves fairies, she loved The X-Files, and she predicted she was having a baby boy – she would never use the word “predicted” 🙂 – Sunny is not a big believer in the paranormal.  As a reiki practitioner and massage therapist, I often ask people “what’s your sign?” followed by “ohhhhh.”

So when Balanced Guru sent a couple of energy mists for the lovely ladies at Vegan Beauty Review – I won the jackpot!  I love me a good energy mist – and these mists were fantastic!  Now what exactly is an energy mist?

Like a perfume, an energy mist is a pleasant smelling blend of essential oils used to activate your mood and energy in a positive way.  Using a special combination of certified organic oils, Balanced Guru formulates each of their energy mists to stimulate each of the seven chakras.

balanced guru energy mistsBalanced Guru Guilt-Free Energy Mist ($10) – 8 ml:  This mist has a very BOLD sent.  Both of the Balanced Guru energy mists I tried are very powerful.  You can really smell and feel the energy of the oil blends.

Guilt-Free Energy Mist essential oil ingredients:
          > Mandarin
          > Bulgarian Rose
          > Geranium
          > Lavender
          > Patchouli
          > Ylang Ylang

I’d been in a funk for a few days, just feeling down for no real reason – and then I remembered, I have those energy mists!  Designed to stimulate the Sacral Chakra (sensuality), just one little spray of this Guilt-Free Energy Mist really goes a long way.

I sprayed my wrists at night, went to bed, and I woke up in a much better mood – and I’m not a morning person!  Me waking up in a good mood NEVER happens.  I attribute this change to the Balanced Guru Guilt-Free Energy Mist.  What else could it be, right?  🙂  But honestly, my energy feels brighter and lighter since using these mists.

Balanced Guru Empowering Energy Mist ($10) – 8 ml:  Designed to stimulate your Solar Plexus Chakra (self-esteem), this energy mist is very assertive, both in scent and in energy.  Since waking up in a better mood after using the Guilt-Free Energy Mist, and since some is good then more must be better :), the next night I added a spritz of the Empowering Energy Mist – and again woke up feeling great.

Empowering Energy Mist essential oil ingredients:
          > Sandalwood
          > Vetiver
          > Ginger
          > Lavender
          > Bergamot
          > Benzoin

Each of the Balanced Guru energy mists are available in a larger size as energy blends (15 ml – $25), packaged in a bottle with an eyedropper.

I’m adding all of the Balanced Guru energy mists to my reiki practice.  I really love them.  Or you could use them as a perfume if you happen to be a more down-to-earth diva, like Sunny.  🙂

And because they like us so much, Balanced Guru also sent a couple of hair products for us to try!

balanced guru hair oils

Balanced Guru No Frizz Hair Oil ($25) – 1 fl oz:  If I don’t put product in my hair, my curls give me a frazzled look that might have been cool in the ‘70s – but definitely not now.  I’ve tried frizz-control hair oils and serums before and they’ve all left my hair soft, which is nice, but where is the frizz control?!  So I had absolutely no hopes that this Balanced Guru hair oil would be any different.

No Frizz Hair Oil essential oil ingredients:
          > Sesame
          > Grape Seed
          > Jojoba
          > Tamanu
          > Lemongrass
          > Eucalyptus

The recommended use for the Balanced Guru No Frizz Hair Oil is a couple of drops on towel-dried hair, adding more if needed, but I went wild with about twenty drops!  What can I say, I’m an indulgent Pisces.  Oh and I read the directions after the first time I used it, oops.  🙂  Like I said, I had no hopes for this oil to work so I was kind of like whatevs about trying it.

Smelling mostly of fresh lemongrass, the Balanced Guru No Frizz Hair Oil looks like oil but as you work it into your hair, it has a weight I’ve never felt with other hair oils, closer to a hair balm.  But it was easy to work through my damp hair, brushing it through for even distribution, and on I went with my day.  As it dried, I looked in the mirror and – no frizz!  NO FRIZZ!  I felt my hair, and it was soft, with lots of body-ody-ody.  I normally use hair mouse but never liked the crunchiness it leaves behind.  The Balanced Guru hair oil wrangled my curls without leaving a trace – no crunchiness, no oiliness.  My curls were light and bouncy, just like I like ‘em!

When I woke up the next morning, after 24 plus hours of having the oil in my hair, I was really surprised by how good I looked!  My hair was just about 15% out of place – compared to my usual 85% morning frazzle dazzle when using mousse.  Alright, alright – let’s see how it holds up in the shower, shall we?

I try to wash my hair only every other day.  When showering with mousse in my hair, I’ll feel it slide down my face and back like slime, no matter how hard I try to not get water in my hair.  And then post-shower, I might have to add a little extra mousse to get the frizzies under control.

With the Balanced Guru oil, I didn’t feel that slime and I didn’t get that frizz after the shower.  I combed my hair with a wet brush and as it dried, my hair had the same great body as before with just a teeny tiny bit of frazzle – teeny tiny.  When I go a day without washing my hair when using mousse, I always leave it up in a bun – this time, I felt great wearing it down, it dried into nice soft curls again!  I’ve struggled with my curls for so long, and this product is SO GOOD.  I’m delighted!

Balanced Guru Scalp Detox Treatment ($23) – 1 fl oz:  My dad’s scalp could use a detox.  He has these weird kind of crusty bits that don’t look like dandruff, more like dry patches?  But not psoriasis?  They’re weird.  And we can’t convince him to go to a dermatologist – he’s convinced he can fix the problem himself.  He’s tried everything he can think of: changing shampoos, changing styling products, making sure everything he uses is gentle and organic – and nothing.  He could not get rid of those dry patches.

Until… ta-da! – enter Balanced Guru’s Scalp Detox Treatment!

Scalp Detox Treatment essential oil ingredients:
          > Oregano
          > Tea Tree
          > Rosemary
          > Tamanu
          > Lemongrass
          > Eucalyptus

My dad applied the treatment to his scalp at night, and the next day, the VERY NEXT DAY – what a difference!  The scalp crusties were almost completely gone!  After a month of him trying many different remedies, and here, in ONE day, the solution.  He used it again the following night, and the next day – his scalp looked so healthy.  I’m a big fan of essential oils and Balanced Guru really knows how to blend ‘em right!

Every Balanced Guru product I try, I love.  10 out of 10, slam dunk, whoop there it is, WA-BAM!  And all Balanced Guru products are certified organic, sustainable, and cruelty-free!

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Rebeca is a massage therapist living in the desert southwest. She loves animals and has three adorable pooches. She's currently compiling her perfect beauty routine and is gleefully watching her beauty hoard grow.

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