Prima Ballerina by Strange Invisible Perfumes (Vegan & Cruelty-Free)

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This is a guest post by Mary Hood, Beauty Editor at the vegan lifestyle blog, Peaceful Dumpling. She loves cats, coffee, and cruelty-free lip-gloss. Her heart belongs to the Oregon coast. 

Strange Invisible Perfumes

When I was in my early twenties, I spent many a Saturday afternoon circling the beauty counters at Macy’s, searching for my “soul scent”—that special perfume perfectly suited my style and personality.  “The one” was ever elusive, but I was convinced it was out there, and if I didn’t find it, it would find me. Prince Charming was welcome to tag along, too.

Transitioning to natural and vegan makeup, however, rocked a lot of my old beauty philosophies. For one, it was easy to drop my lust for those expensive department store cosmetics after learning how many popular brands still test on animals. My transition also opened the door to all-natural fragrances.  On the whole, I have found non-synthetic perfume subtler and therefore easier to layer.  New philosophy: I am more complex than a single, distinct blend. I like to smell different depending on the day, the occasion, the weather, my nail polish…

I now welcome a garden of fragrances to my bathroom counter. My latest addition is Strange Invisible’s Prima Ballerina Eau de Parfum. Strange Invisible perfumes are vegan, cruelty-free, free of synthetic ingredients, and created with ethically sourced, organic essential oils. This particular scent is crisp, feminine, and refined. A delicate floral-citrus with notes of lime, rose, and sage, Prima conjures classic glamour and even reminds me of one of my grandmother’s vintage perfumes. This uplifting fragrance is divine for a spring coffee date, boutique-hopping, and dinner-partying.

If you’ve ever worn all-natural fragrance, you probably noticed that après application, your fragrance didn’t linger as long as conventional perfumes typically do. (One of the trade-offs for choosing preservative- and phthalate-free, I suppose). Compared to other natural perfumes I’ve sampled, Prima Ballerina has a medium endurance. After a few hours, I can still smell a hint of it on my wrists, but it doesn’t really penetrate my awareness like some fragrances—perhaps a good thing?

Lovely on it’s own, of course, Prima Ballerina could also be layered with a light vanilla (for more warmth) or jasmine (for a sweet, exotic touch).  Ballet bun optional.

What’s your favorite vegan and cruelty-free perfume?

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  1. Juhea Kim says:

    Such a lovely review! I haven’t found my natural perfume yet and can’t wait to start experimenting. I’d love to find something with tuberose in it–I love the idea of layering also, to suit my mood and style that day!

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