My Favorite Cruelty-Free Necklaces

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One of the main reasons I started Vegan Beauty Review back-back in the day was because I wanted show the world that veganism can be fun and beautiful (and maybe a little less crunchy ←I’m a hippie at heart, so no judgies)! I LOVE it when people ask me which mascara I’m wearing or what my favorite perfume is—it allows me pimp my fave cruelty-free beauty brands and promote how ab fab an animal-friendly lifestyle can be.

A great way to start the conversation on compassion is by simply wearing adorable, eye-catching, cruelty-free jewelry. C’mon, who’s not gonna glance at the cute lil’ bunny leaping across my neck? Seriously, I get comments/compliments/questions almost every time I wear one of these bad boys out.

I wanted to share a few of my fave pieces with you. 🙂 The “Animal Liberation” and space age-y “Vegan” necklaces are from the VGirls/VGuys online shop, and the animal-shaped “Go Veg,” “Cruelty-Free,” and “Friend Not Food” ones were made by Christy Robinson.

As eager as I am to  expand my vegan jewelry collection (perhaps with a lil’ bling), next on my list is a pair of “Vegan” booty shorts and “vegan” knee highs. So, go on, check out my booty and then ask me about my favorite place to buy cruelty-free skincare. 😉

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