Eight Skincare Sugar Body Scrub and Body Softening Oil Review

April 8, 2014By 5 Comments

eight skincare

This is a special guest post by Nina Khan.

I’m crazy for Eight Skincare! As the name suggests, Eight Skincare products are made with—you guessed it—eight core ingredients: a mega-moisturizing blend of Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Monoi Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. As you can imagine, this is a cocktail for ridiculously soft skin.

I’m a lil’ lavender obsessed (seriously, I sniff that sh*t all day!) so I’m partial to their lavender-scented line. All their products are amazing and work wonders, but may I recommend a couple faves? 🙂

Lavender Sugar Body Scrub: Umm, are y’all as addicted to exfoliating as I am? If so, you’ll die over this tub-o-love! This yummy scrub is just rough enough to get the job done but doesn’t leave my skin feeling raw. And afterwards, I not only get to enjoy that amazing, tingly post-exfoliation buzz all over my skin, I’m also SUPER moisturized thanks to the lovely blend of oils.

Lavender Body Softening Oil: SORRY, CAN’T TALK, too busy petting my silky-soft baby skin after COVERING myself in the Eight’s *heavenly* lavender body softening oil!!!!  This skin softener is made from a blend of a bunch of delicious oils, and the best part? IT’S IN SPRITZ-BOTTLE FORM. You just spray that body down and BOOM! No greasy hands, no greasy skin, it’s super light, and OH MY GOD MY SKIN IS SO SOFT. It feels like I’m in seventh grade again and just got a new Bath & Body Works scented body spray. Like, that’s how much I’m spritzing myself.

Lavender-lovin’, cruelty-free beautifyin’ peeps of the internet, go get yourself some of these fabulous Eight Skincare products now! 🙂

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  1. Joyce Anne Perry says:

    Where can I get this?

  2. Kristen says:

    I never heard of this product before. They look great, except the body moisturizer does have lanolin (not vegan)…just an FYI.

  3. Demata says:

    I tried their tangerine sugar body scrub and it left my skin smooth and clean. I love the scent too, very refreshing. Wish wholefood market would carry it so I don’t have to order it online

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