New East Bay Vegan Grocery Store: Republic of V

March 4, 2014By 4 Comments

Republic of V

FINALLY!!!! An all-vegan grocery store in my neck of the woods! *happiest of happy dances* If you live in the East Bay, mosey your cute tush on over to Republic of V in Berkeley, CA. (1624 University Ave). If you’ve ever been to Portland, it’s very much like Food Fight! grocery store… has a nice selection of vegan foods (frozen, packaged, baked goods, snacks, seasonings, etc.), cookbooks, shirts, accessories (belts, purses, wallets, jewelry), and all of your favorite vegan beauty essentials (skincare, makeup, lip balm, etc.)

I went there for the first time today with my boo thang and mini baby boo thang, and we picked up some Phoney Baloney coconut bacon and some tasty Punk Rawk Labs and Door 86 cashew cheese—YUM!

vegan cheese

Have you been to Republic of V yet and if so, what did you get? 😀

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  1. kendy says:

    i go there every time i am in the east bay!

  2. Tabitha says:

    W00t!!!! I don’t live super close to there (I’m in the south bay) but I will definitely have to check this place out! Hmmmm… it may even be worth it just to make a special trip over that way…. 😀

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi! In the photo above, it says the best smelling mascara. Can you tell me what brand it is. I can’t tell. Thank you so much!

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