March Vegan Presence Review

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March Vegan Presence

Happy spring, Happy Friday, and Happy Vegan Presence unboxing day! This months’ VP theme was indulgence and pampering – holla! I dunno about y’all, but mama NEEDS more TLC in her life, especially in the form of pampering sessions and massive relaxation – so let’s dig in!

March VP Goodies:

  • Global Organic Teas in Pure Lemongrass, $9.99 – This is an herbal, caffeine-free tea, perfect for nursing mamas like myself and peeps with a low tolerance for gackeditude (also me). This soothing, cleansing detox tea is perfect for unwinding (it’s also supposed to help you catch some Zzzs – please, and thank you!) I love these lil’ pyramid shaped teabags, and I also love that they come in a resealable zipper pouch to maintain freshness. This whole sitch is fresh, if you ask me. I frickin’ LOVE tea! Also, this company donates a portion of each purchase to non-profit organizations that help people in need around the world – gotta love that!
  • Paper Street Labs Lime and Gingergrass Natural Soap Putty, $5.50 – I love how VP co-HBIC, Andrea, hooks Etsy shops up in her monthly goodie boxes. Supporting small bizzies and handmade beauty goods is beyond rad. This soap putty, which I guess is more of a scrub, is made with 100% natural cold-processed soap, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and bentonite clay. This Lime and Gingergrass putty smells so so SO good! It’s citrusy and earthy-smelling, and I just love how raw and chunky it is. You can tell it’s nothing but nutrient-dense, skin-lovin’ yumminess. March Vegan Presence
  • Mystical House Citrus Body Butter, $10 – This creamy, smooth, body buttery goodness is gonna quench your thirsty skin and leave you smelling like a citrus goddess! It smells so incredibly dee-lish, like fruity Starburst candy. And you know what? The ingredients are so natural and pure that you actually could eat it if you wanted to… but don’t. 😉 And in all fairness, I would like to disclose that my beloved mamacita (aka Mystical House) made these (kvelling ov-ah here), but I would absolutely have the same high regard for this body butter had it been made by your mama. (I’m an unbiased betch – whatcha gonna do?) 😉 Ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, lime essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, tangerine essential oil Mystical House Skincare

All these beauty goods are valued at $25.50 – pretty sweet! :D

Vegan Presence packages are SO MUCH FUN (and they’re super eco)! Be sure to subscribe ($23 for a trial box or 3 months for $60, includes free shipping), so you can bask in all the vegan goodie glory with me!

Box was sent to me for review

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi. I just e-mailed Andrea from Vegan Presence because lye is one of the ingredients in the Lime and Gingergrass Natural Soap Putty that we received. I am waiting to hear back from her, but my fear is that this is not a vegan product. I always check the ingredients online when they are not listed on the products we receive.

    I do love the body butter!

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