Greenlite Meals Delivers Vegan Grub Straight to Your Door!

February 20, 2014By 3 Comments

greenlite meals

I just recently discovered Greenlite Meals, and I’m such a fan. It’s a vegan delivery service that brings tasty vegan noms straight to your door! Everything I’ve tried so far (ginger chick’n, beefless stew, a giant peanut butter cup, and maple granola) has been hella yum (restaurant quality)!

This would make a great gift for college students, new moms, peeps recovering from surgery, loved ones (including yourself) who could use a break from cooking, etc. They have a healthy variety of items to choose from ($2.49-9.99 each) ranging from breakfast foods, entrees, snacks, smoothies, sides, and kids meals. They also offer monthly meal plans that you can customize or choose based on allergens or weight loss and fitness goals. How frickin’ rad is that?

Samples were provided for consideration.

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  1. Charles Cas Michel Gerarrd says:

    I’ve been a vegan Vegetarian since University.
    I graduated with a Dietician Degree back when Regan Was President.
    I paid my way through Univeristy working as a Chef de Cuisine.
    I only quit In the 90’s from the Kitchen brutality because of my hands being bloodied unnecessarily by the blood of innocents.
    I think being a Vegan Vegeatarian for decades & a Chef by Training as well as a Dietician by degree gives me some stance on the issue: Please Careful, Such Other Positive reviews are clearly Shills.
    The “Chef” in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune Article Dated Nov. 2014 [] looks like a freaking BUM the carelessly dressed & sloppy un-keptness of his hair are SCREAMING inept Indications of the crap-attitude-approach to the food preparation.
    And THIS “Presentation” of a Company’s Chef on a photshoot no less indicates he’s probably in his BEST Attire!!
    The Kitchen pictured behind the owner “Proudly” holding forth one of the dishes is equally dirty & unkept & sloppy!!
    I should have done my due-diligence.
    Should you order GreenLiteMeals by chance??
    I really have nothing good to say about & I’m certainly NOT Impressed in the least with the GreenliteMeals.
    Their Phone Number is not connected nor valid & they seemed to have literally thrown the food packs into the shipping box so carelessly that it frankly looked like a heap of trashed items that was sent to me!!
    The Portions are PALTRY as hell-well. I almost immediately threw away the Zucchini Protein bar & several times contemplated the same while trying to eat it telling myself over & over: I should not waste food, I should not waste food…oddly with myself answering “It doesn’t taste like food, but it doesn’t taste like food”.
    My Worries?? Is that if they cannot get a simple thing like Zucchini Bread right??
    I’m positively frightened by the prospect of the other stuff.
    It seems the food packs were also frozen “In to a contorted manner” being sloppily heaped into a freeze from the end of production cycle instead of being nicely/neatly stacked on shelves perhaps (Idea for your production there guys) & THEN perhaps Subsequently Properly & RESPECTFULLY if not overly neatly Stacked & packed in the shipping box for the customer before being shipped……instead??.
    Opening & Unpacking the box (Which took 4 days to Deliver from California to Texas???!!!!) It literally looks & seems like some teenager clueless uncaring & unthoughtful kid went through a dark & musty freezer & flung & fling-ed the portioned-packs into a box as carelessly as a teenager would fling & flung their socks & clothes & “CRAP” in their rooms.
    But everyone knows that Teenagers do not work these days having a certain sub-set of South-of-the-border types instead taking & doing those types of Jobs that American’s supposedly won’t do but used to do eagerly in their youth in by-gone days.
    This type of disrespectful discourtesy in the heaped presentation & packing of the supposed “Food” not only makes me NOT want to eat the Food but it makes me fearful of all sorts of production related diseases like listeria.
    Coupled with what I can only reasonably expect as all sorts of additional careless attentions all throughout the production line….. not only will I not be ordering from them again, but It’s going to need the ultimate grace of G*D to keep me from trashing them on the internet.
    Hey Guys?? Get the Land-Line fixed and please, change the name to:
    You’ve smited the hell out of what should & could have been a rather enjoyable on-line meal ordering experience & you shame the name of Vegan Cookery.

  2. i cant wait to try it for myself! im not a vegan im a vegetarian but ill try there products anyway and see if i like it i do like both vegan and vegetarian foods!!

  3. Moxie says:

    That sounds great!!

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