The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow: Beauty Sleep Necessity!

December 16, 2013By 5 Comments

I’ve been hearing all kinds of buzz lately about wrinkle prevention pillows, and I figured it was high time for me to figure out what all the hype was about.

Well it turns out, the 3 major causes of wrinkles are: 1) sun exposure 2) smoking 3) sleeping on your face (!!!) I had #1 & #2 under control, but I had no idea the way I was Zzz’ing was interfering with my “beauty” sleep!


I recently got my hands on a Wrinkle Prevention Memory Foam Pillow designed by Patty Colman, $99, and OMG—it’s a game changer! I want to quickly say that wrinkle prevention aside, this is the COZIEST pillow I’ve ever slept on… EVAH!

wrinkle prevention pillow

This pillow is made out of high quality Visco Memory Foam (which totes complements my beloved memory foam bed ) and is encased in a satin-y smooth pillow case.

Just so you know, not all wrinkle prevention pillows are designed the same. I’ve only tried one other brand, and this one, hands down, takes the cake (comfort and design-wise)! This bad boy prevents eye puffiness and permanent sleep lines and wrinkles on your face, neck, and chest due to its unique custom design. Your face will never actually touch and press into the pillow; instead, the pillow comfortably cradles, lifts and supports your head while sleeping on your side or stomach. Its contoured center makes sleeping on your back more comfortable and natural, too. AMEN!

Have you tried a wrinkle prevention pillow before? Lemme know your thoughts! xx

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  1. Meg says:

    Mmmmmmm…memory foam. 🙂

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