Tiffany’s Favorite Vegan Things!

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Hope y’all had a joyeaux Noel! A manage a trios pour vous!

  • Zion’s, Adama Clay Natural Face Scrub is the best exfoliate I’ve used in… maybe in ‘ever. I like it that much! It’s chock full of natural stuff like Arnica Extract, Kelp Extract, and Chamomile for a deep and restorative clean and get this, ground walnut shells combined with clay minerals for exfoliation! Isn’t that the neatest? I love it. The stuff smells good and the best part is that it doesn’t leave my face feeling like I just had a lift and can’t smile. I tend to shy away from exfoliates because of the tightness factor but this stuff is pretty gentle. I’m ready to try their other stuff.
    Zion face scrub
  • Missy Lepink tattoo tonic–  CRACK. Sers. I love it. I have a lot of tattoos, and I just got another one.
    misslepink tonic lotion tin gronz tattoo

    That’s The Gronz, my homey. Check out #TheGronzLife on Instagram for pictures. 🙂
    The healing process can get a bit painful and frankly, gross. Sheaths of skin peel off, and in some places where more ink may have been used, chunky and funky scabs may develop. Usually 24 hours after a tattoo, you should start putting lotion on your skin, you know, or else you’ll get the hose again. I waited 36 hours before lubing up this one (I’m lazy, sue me). It was real tender-like and Missy’s tonic tamed its temper. It has a consistency akin to the almighty coconut oil and you simply scoop some out with your fingers and rub it in. It feels realz good and it smells good too! Unlike the often recommended A & D ointment, this tonic is all-natural and animal and chemical-free, Baby! It even has lavender and rosemary oil. I’m even using it on my oldie but goodie tattoos. It’s just so smooth! Check out Missy’s Facebook page too. She’s just adorbs.
  • Jamberry Nails – Nail stickers, as I call them are all the rage these days. And I can see why. They are super purty, last up to 2 weeks and are totally mess-free! If I paint my own nails, it’s like I may as well had Stevie Wonder do them. They end up looking like a train wreck. Jamberry, a family run bidness, have beautiferous designs that definitely bring on the compliments. They can be a bit tricky to apply but they would make for a super party favor! Have the gals over, drink some champagne, and do each others’ nails! Then have a tickle fight while in your lingerie! Check out the amazing patterns on their site and consider your mind blown!
    jamberry nails

What are some of your favorite vegan things?

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