Vegan Presence November Box Review!

November 6, 2013By 1 Comment

VP November

Yahoooooooooey!!!! My November Vegan Presence package arrived, and it came right before I took off for vacay (yup, I’m currently writing this from the magical island of Kauai!). I brought EVERYTHING (sans the Catpods Kitty Pucks) with me on my trip. The sugary treats were devoured at the airport, and the body lotion and spot treatment went straight into my toiletry bag. The full deets…

November VP Goodies:

  • Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate Eli’s Earth Treasure Bar, $2.29 – From my previous VBR write up on these: “These chocolate bars rival Go Max Go (sorry to keep comparing them, but they both excel at vegan “milk” chocolate). This bar is my home dog. It has a solid layer of crunchy peanut butter topped with caramel, and it’s coated in creamy vegan milk chocolate. That description actually does it zero justice. Buy this bar (make sure you’re far away from any people when you eat it, as you will not wanna share this one), stuff it in your face (or daintily nibble at it), and get back to me. I ate this days ago, and I still fantasize about it before I go to bed every night.”
  • Om Nom Nom Vegan Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookie, $2.50 – Ok, Andrea, just STOP! 😉 Actually, I so don’t mind if my ass grows a couple inches from these sweet confections ’cause I recently read that chicks with with rotund derriers are hella smart! This cookie was dee-lish (peanut butter and I already have an ongoing love affair), and I look forward to trying other flavors.
  • Relogy Best Acne Spot Treatment, $14.95 – Conventional acne treatments are toxic as hell and usually not cruelty-free. That’s why I’m all about Relogy’s Acne Spot Treatment with seaweed extract. It also helps correct dark spots and prevents scarring. I LOVE that it has a steel rollerball applicator, which is both cooling and soothing to the skin. I’ll be reviewing Relogy’s full acne treatment line on VBR soon, so stay tuned, y’all!
  • Catpods Kitty Pucks (3-pack), $1.95 – Attention all purr-lovers! Catpods Kitty Pucks are handcrafted, catnip-marinated, industrial-strength corrugated cardboard pucks that are non-toxic and recyclable. Towane, aka Señor Floofin at Camp Cuddlebear, attacked the hell outta these bad boys the second I unwrapped them. He was fierce. Seriously, if there was a professional kitty hockey league, he’d be MVP.
  • Earth Science MultiTherapy Oatmeal Hand & Body Lotion Sample – I already this brand. This lotion contains oatmeal, shea butter, and sweet almond oil which are all rockstar ingredients for treating über dry skin. It smells lovely, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave any funky residue.

Vegan Presence packages are SO MUCH FUN (and they’re super eco)! Be sure to subscribe ($23 for a trial box or 3 months for $60), so you can bask in all the vegan goodie glory with me!

Box was sent to me for review

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