10 Beauty Tips I’d Tell My Younger Self

November 4, 2013By 9 Comments

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With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes 20/20 hindsight, and with hindsight comes “damn, I should have eaten more damn kale!”. When I think about my beauty habits from my younger days, I literally cringe. I’m hoping my list of tips will help peeps (even if it’s only one person) to aspire to better health and beauty inside and out.

  1. Always wash your makeup off before going to bed! Damn, I used to fall asleep with makeup (including lots of glitter) all the time in college. I used nasty products back then too, that were no doubt chemical laden, pore-clogging, and Satanic. I remember that nastenstein greasy feeling of waking up in the morning with Picasso-eque, smeary mascara face. No bueno. Even if you only spend 2 minutes wiping the grime off your mug, DO IT.
  2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Can you believe I didn’t start using moisturizer on my face until I was in my mid 20s? I’m obsessed with anti-aging beauty products and keeping fine lines and wrinks from sproutin’ on mah face, but I committed this HUGE beauty sin for years. Ugh. Now I slather straight up argan oil all over my face before bed. I wake up with super soft, yummy skin.
  3. Have at least one makeup-free day a week. Give your pores a chance to recoup and breathe. I usually allow myself to look like an ogre on Sundays. My hubs swears I look beautiful without makeup (he’s a keeper), so I feel comfy looking like a homeless person around the house.
  4. Only buy vegan and cruelty-free beauty products with clean ingredients. Read labels (just like you would for food), and buy products that don’t contain toxins, carcinogens, funky chemicals, parabens, and other nasty preservatives (which unfortunately, are in most conventional beauty products).
  5. Get yo’ Zzzzzz! Cat naps, disco naps, take them ALL! Sleep deprivation causes dark circles under the eyes, crankiness, stress, etc. Sleep is just as important as exercise and eating well. TRUST.
  6. Drink water, betch! And lots of it! Staying hydrated helps keep your skin and hair in tip-top shape! It’s also rumored to help with weight loss ← BONUS!! 
  7. Stay out of the sun! Yeah, my name is Sunny, and I hate the sun (don’t judge). I don’t mind soakin’ up teensy bits here and there for some vitamin D synthesis, but that’s about it. If you ever spot me out and about, I’ll be rockin shades that cover my entire face and sun hats. Also, now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve learned to wear SPF year-round (those UVA and UVB rays don’t go away in the winter, peeps)!
  8. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies! Also stay away from refined sugar like it’s the devil! I wish I was born vegan. Man, I ate some nasty, nasty sh*t in college. I had a love affair with fast food, Little Debbie Satan snacks, pizza, and Nutella. Yep, that about sums up my college diet. I would have looked way foiner and had hella more energy had I eaten some raw broccoli and whipped up some spirulina-acai smoothies!
  9. Exercise! And I’m not referring to vegan pizza to the mouth arm reps. 😉 Find ways to burn calories that are actually fun like dancing, Zumba, XBox Kinect, etc. If you love grunty workouts and sweating on a treadmill with weights – power to ya. Just find something that works for you.
  10. Love your quirks and imperfections. We ladies can be so judgmental and unforgiving when it comes to our looks. Embrace your freckles, moles, scars, sexy-ass curves (wobbly bits and all), EVERYTHING. A happy, accepting you is an attractive you!

What are some of the beauty tips you’d share with your younger self?

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  1. AHMED MATEEN says:


  2. Icequeen81 says:

    I agree with you with all of them

  3. Sarah says:

    I agree with all these tips!! I have never put my argan oil on my face. I always used it for my hair. Thank-you!

  4. These are great tips! I’ve successfully converted my pantry and wardrobe to vegan. The next big step is my make up stash! Any foundations you recommend?

  5. Alane says:

    You said it! And it’s never too late to start, as this 49 year old, nearly-2-years-vegan can attest. The changes I’ve seen since starting regular exercise, and most especially going vegan, have been nothing short of AMAZING! Plus, there’s the bennie of persuading my 75 year old mother to go vegan, and seeing her absolutely thrive! Power to the Kale…

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