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October 11, 2013By 2 Comments

valia skincare

The super sweet peeps at Valia sent me this gorge box of skincare goodies, and I totes squealed like a wee lassie when it appeared at my door! I’m OBSESSED (←total understatement) with anti-aging beauty products, so I already knew these were gonna be a hit! Valia is an entirely vegan, cruelty-free, and all-natural skincare line that uses potent ingredients derived from deep-rooted Japanese remedies. Their packaging is beautiful, and their products are ace. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Purifying Wash, $34: This light cleanser contains herbal extracts and essential oils such as green tea, Vitamin C, and yuzu, which help encourage cell turnover for brighter and more radiant skin. Other rockstar ingredients include papain and aloe vera are, which are antioxidiant and phytochemical superheroes – key for radiant, glowing skin!

Cleansing Milk, $35: I ♥ cream cleansers, especially in the colder months. My skin gets so scaly and dry this time of year, so I’m about this cleansing milk. It not only cleans and moisturizes but it does a pretty good job at removing makeup, too. It contains aloe vera, pineapple, and coconut oil, which help gently remove impurities while leaving skin supple and soft (read: kissable). If you have eczema or acne-prone skin, you should totally be rockin’ this! It reduces oil buildup and won’t clog pores.

Yuzu Hydrating Creme, $47: This is a mega lightweight, fast-absorbing crème made from natural ingredients like aloe vera, sweet almond oil, and Hato Mugi/Job’s Tears/Pearl Barley. It works on all skin types, and because it’s so light, I love using it as a day cream (there’s nothing worse than using thick, oily moisturizers right before applying makeup – slippery slidesville!).

Bloom, $48: This helllsa bomb anti-aging and fat metabolizing (←YES PLEASE) supplement is infused with herbal extracts like sea bucktorn, holy basil, reishi mushroom, and mangosteen. It also helps boost your immune system, which is important during these chilly-willy months! The omega 7-rich formula is key for healthy, beautiful skin, and xanthoids (rare in nature), gives Bloom its immune-boosting and cell-protecting properties. Straight from Valia’s website: “Beneficial for people experiencing bloat after eating certain foods and for those looking to reduce belly fat, Bloom encourages better fat metabolization which helps people naturally control and combat weight.” Hallelujah!! I hate feeling bloat-o after certain meals, and I DEF have some leftover belly jigglies from being preggers. I’ve been taking these supplements religiously – will keep y’all posted after I get my 12-pack back. 😉

Have y’all tried Valia yet? What’s your go-to brand for facial cleansers and moisturizers?

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  1. Tsuki says:

    Oh they all seem amazing! I always love natural skincare inspired by Japanese recipes, and the combination aroma of yuzu + green tea is simply irresistible! I just check out their website but too bad they don’t ship to my country T____T

  2. Marie Taylor says:

    I think, the cleansing milk product is excellent for me. It can smooth-en my skin and I love the milk substance embracing my complexion with caress and care. Product made from natural ingredients are indeed safe and free from toxic chemicals. All Valia products are interesting and the price just worth every item.

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