Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food Review

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raw gaia

So first thing’s first – what’s the dealio with raw skincare?

Plants and flower oils are loaded with skin beneficial ish like plant acids, enzymes, antioxidants and flavonoids which have hellza bomb healing and nourishing properties in their raw, unaltered state. 

Raw Gaia, a UK-based skincare company, has a line of organic, fair trade, vegan, unprocessed (aka RAW, betch!), and effective beauty products that don’t contain any fillers, preservatives, artificial ingredients, waxes, glycerin, etc.

Raw Gaia products I’m gaga for:

Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray, £21.99 (~$34): This cleanser contains cold-pressed jojoba oil, floral waters, and essential oils that work really well at removing makeup and other ick nasties that settle into pores. This cleanser doesn’t leave a  residue, and you don’t even need to scrub it off. You can totes spray it on your face and leave it on there to let its plant ingredients work their magic to reduce inflammation and breakouts.

Floral Face Toner, £20.19 (~$31): Raw Gaia’s facial toner smells GORGE – like a beautiful rose garden in bloom! It’s absolutely uplifting and refreshing, and it’s made with high-grade floral waters and essential oils. This unique blend of ingredients helps tone, balance and revitalize all skin types.

MSM Beauty Spray, £22.49 (~$35): Wrinkles beware! This pretty-smelling, potent anti-aging beauty spray contains kickass, antioxidant-rich, non-GMO, plant-sourced MSM, frankinscence essential oil, floral water, cold-pressed argan oil, and rosehip oil. LOVES IT! I use this before bed so that all these hard-working ingredients have a full night to do their thang (quench my thirsty-ass skin, fight fine lines and wrinks, make mah skin glow, etc.) while I’m Zzzing it up and catching up on beauty sleep.

Also, before I wrap this up, I wanna quickly mention that all of these products come in eco-friendly, reusable, pretty, colorful glass containers, which I will most def fo’shizzley be using later on for some DIY beauty products. 🙂

Have you tried Raw Gaia or any other raw skincare lines?

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