New Vegan Hair Care Line: Jonathan Product

September 20, 2013By 6 Comments

This is a special guest post by By Susan Cava.

jonathan product

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a product that was clearly marked “100% Vegan” in big, proud letters at a discount store? The product was Jonathan Product Hydrating Conditioner. I immediately ran to Ulta beauty store and got the matching Hydrating Shampoo. As someone who colors my hair at Aveda, I always go for the hydrating hair care lines that keep my hair nourished while in the sun, so I was excited to try Jonathan Product!

Jonathan Product (which has super stylish packaging), ain’t yo’ mama’s oatmeal & tea tree vegan shampoo. It’s actually a fave amongst celebs (who knew?), and it’s been featured in magazines like Vogue and Allure. This line, BTW, was created by Jonathan Antin of “Blow Out” reality TV fame. 🙂 I quickly realized why celebrities love these products—they smell clean and fragrant but in an understated way. The consistency of the products is ironically like a smooth milk (almond milk). 😉 It’s weightless but totally does the trick. The shampoo is mega hydrating and the conditioner detangled my full head of fine hairs (which easily tend to knot).

These products are available online through their eponymous site or through other major online stores and range from $14-22. You can find them in person or online here.

Jonathan Product is like an exclusive stylish club that us vegans finally get to be a part of—luxury and kindness. They have all types of products ranging from volume, anti-frizz, and color care.

I leave you with this quote from their site: “100% vegan is our adherence to the belief that no animal or animal by-products were conscientiously used in our products. Hence, no animal has been harmed or exploited. By inference, the Earth and all its inhabitants are benefited. In addition, we also make our vendors comply with this philosophy.”

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  1. Dae Williams says:

    I went to the site to look at the ingredients and I noticed that they do not have complete ingredient listings as far as I could find. Do you have access to that information? I always find it a big sketchy when a company makes you work to find out what they are using in a product. AND….. I could just totally be geeking out and missing some section of their site! I simply went to individual products, clicked details and then the tab for ingredients. Seems like they are only highlighting a few ingredients rather than disclosing the complete contents in quantity order. Any help would be great as I’m looking for completely natural, clean hair products!

  2. Susan says:

    Agreed AL, the shampoos/conditioners are amazing. Shame about the DIRT. Hopefully they’ll switch since their philosophy is awesome. =)

  3. AL says:

    i wish they’d change the formula since it’s only that one product that isn’t vegan. i’ve tried a few jonathan items, including the silky dirt, and they are really good:)

  4. Susan says:

    Hi there, the dirt does have lanolin, you are right. That’s why this entry only focused on the shampoos which are totally vegan.

  5. AL says:

    Dirt contains lanolin…or at least it used to. The one in the jar, not the Silky Dirt.

  6. Markus says:

    I love the Jonathan Product line and use it when cutting friend’s hair at my apartment. Cheers, ML

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