Non-Toxic, Eco Options for Your Lady Bits!

September 16, 2013By 12 Comments

Let’s talk feminine hygiene. I love my Aunt Flo—I do—but honestly, she can be a real pain sometimes (literally)! Cramps, crankensteins, and raging chocolate cravings aside, keepin’ fresh downstairs can be super high maintenance! Now that I’m rockin’ an eco-friendly, non-toxic regimen, things have gotten waaaaaay more chill. 🙂 Lemme explain… In case you didn’t know, conventional pads, panty liners, and tampons are 1) expensive 2) BAD for Mama Earth! 3) and toxic (yeah dude, mainstream tampons have dioxin, a known carcinogen—you don’t wanna be shovin’ that sh*t up your coochie!). So, do yourself, the earth, and yo’ wallet a favor and GO GREEN, betch! Check out these non-toxic, eco-friendly, affordable, and convenient menstrual must-haves!

Menstrual Cups, ~$40 each – Unlike tampons and pads, these medical-grade silicone cups collect your monthly goo rather than absorbing it. You empty your cup every 8 hours (which is BOMB because you can totes pretend you’re not even on your period), and they’re pretty easy to clean. They’re also huge money-savers ’cause they last forever. They typically come in two sizes, so definitely research brands and size recommendations before purchasing. Examples: Lunette Cup, LadyCupDiva Cup

Lunette Cup LadyCup Diva Cup

Reusable Menstrual Pads and Panty Liners, ~$12-20 each – I used to be so grodied out by these (so lame of me, I know), but now that I religiously use cloth diaper on my babay, these make COMPLETE sense! I feel like a mega moron for having been so judgemental in the past. I’m actually a menstrual cup lady through-and-through, but I ALWAYS rock reusable cloth panty liners as backup. They’re super easy to clean, come in all sorts of different sizes and absorbancies, and often have crazy cute patterns. Examples: Glad Rags, Lunapads, New Moon Pads

Glad Rags Lunapads  New Moon Pads

Organic, 100% Cotton (Non-Chlorine Bleached) Tampons, ~$5-10 a box – Before I became an exclusive cup wearer (that sounds SO weird), I used to rock Natracare organic cotton tampons. I loved how small they were and was grateful they didn’t have any bleachy chemicals in them. I was actually a HUGE fan. I personally still feel they’re a bit wasteful though since you can’t reuse them, but if you’re a diehard tampon fan, def go this route. There actually are some resusable tampons, believe it or not, but the cup and cloth liners seem to make way more sense to me. Examples of single-use, organic cotton tampons: Natracare, Seventh Generation, Dr. Mercola

Natracare Seventh Generation tampons Dr. Mercola tampons

BTW, excuse my TMI-iness. I’m seriously just lookin’ out for y’all. 😉 xx

What are some of your fave eco-friendly monthly products?

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  1. H. says:

    I was talking to my OBGYN about alternatives to tampons since I’m so easily irritated. I asked him about the Diva Cup, Lunette, Softcup, etc. and he said he had never heard of them!!!! I was shocked! Has anyone else ran these as options by their doctors or just researched options online as I have?

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Sunny, I’ve been trying to switch to a more eco-friendly option, and I’ve been thinking about the cup…but to be honest, are they gross?! I’m kind of squeamish, so thats the only thing holding me back! Thanks 🙂

    • Sunny says:

      Hm, that’s hard to say because I’m not squeamish about that kind of thing. I definitely think it’s worth trying. The way I look at it, is that it’s all gonna come out one way or another, so if tampons don’t gross you out, you might be okay with the cup. Good luck!

  3. Randi says:

    Wow, thanks for this. I never knew about dioxin. It’s a real shame these mainstream companies put that crap in products women use on a daily basis. No wonder so many women get breast cancer nowadays…from all the freaking toxins!! I haven’t been very lucky searching for cruelty free and eco friendly tampons, so this really helps!!

  4. Sabrina C says:

    I love all 3 of my cups! Lunette & Ladycup for “heavier” flow days and MeLuna for light (it is so small and cute!).

  5. Jana says:

    Great post!:) I’m using Lunette cup or Natracare/Masmi tampons but i’ve never heard of reusable pads:)

  6. Katie K says:

    I love my diva cup and I really love Party in My Pants (PIMP) pads!! They are the best reusable pads I’ve ever tried! Plus they send out fair trade dark chocolates with your order. What’s not to love!

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