Still So in Love with Crazy Rumors!

September 13, 2013By 4 Comments

crazy rumors lip balm My Stache

I wanted to quickly highlight the newest flavs in my mega beloved and ever-growing Crazy Rumors lip balm stash!

  • Ginger Peach, $3.49 – It’s a scrumdiddlyumptious blend of ginger and juicy peach.
  • Orange Clove, $3.49 – Mmm, citrusy and spicy – the perfect, cozy fall scent.
  • Red Velvet, $3.49 – GTFO, red velvet lip balm?! I’ve got MAD respect for the lovely peeps at Crazy Rumors… makin’ all of Sunnybuns’ wildest dreams come true with their dessert line! The rich chocolate and decadent sweet creamy scent suits my sugar fiendy personality to a tee (and it has zero calories, so it’s muffin top-friendly… or would that be unfriendly – whateves, I’m in โ™ฅ)!
  • My Stache, $3.99 – OK, this one is hella-hella fun! Can’t you see how stache’ing a look rockin’ one of these bad boys? It has moustachurizing shea butter and a sweet mint flavor to boot! It’s available in 3 different stachetacular styles, and a portion of these sales are donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust – a charity set up in memory of Queenโ€™s legendary front man Freddie Mercury, who obvi donned the stache-iest stache of them all!
  • Pistachio, $3.49 – This flavor sounds so simple, but this nutty one is one of my absolute faves! It reminds me of pistachio ice cream (YUMMERS) that I used to shovel down my face as a lil’ munchkin. Damn, I want ice cream NOW… beauty blogger problems.

M’kay, now I gots to know which Crazy Rumors you’re rockin’! DEETS! xo

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  1. Jana says:

    Awesome pic:D I LOVE the smell of Plum Apricot!!:D xx

  2. Sarah S. says:

    I’ve got an actual stash of the red velvet ones… but I need to check out those my stache ones, too! I love me a minty lip balm <3

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