Pravana’s Vegan Hair Care Line: NEVO

August 16, 2013By 3 Comments

Nevo and Towane NEVO

Praise Bejesus, Pravana has an all-vegan hair care line called NEVO (Natural Evolution of Hair Care). Please join me in doing the happiest of happy dances, a few dozen cartwheels across the living room, and 5-7 smacktacular booty slaps (on yo’self). Life is GOOD!

In case you’re new to Pravana, their products are all free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic this and thats, and ick nasty chemicals. AND their products actually work!

Their new line, NEVO, uses a special blend of goodness called “Drops of the Amazon” – mulateiro extract, babassu oil, and Brazil-nut oil—all fancy shiz that’s gonna transform your hair. TRUST.

All NEVO products come in 100% biodegradable packaging, too! The containers begin to breakdown within 250 days versus plastic bottles which can remain in landfills for up to 1,000 years!

NEVO products I’m cray-cray about:

Moisture Rich Conditioner, $19: I love how this conditioner is thick and rich (watery conditioners make me gag!). This conditioner leaves my hair silky and smooth, and that’s saying a lot, because its natural state is STRAW-y and crustified.

Hydra Pearls, $19: Mulateiro extract, babassu oil, and Brazil nut oil work together to seal moisture into each strand, working wonders for dry, chemically treated hair. My follicles slurp this sh*t up. Btw, these “peals” are actually biodegradable, vegan gel caps. If you have split ends or frizzle frazzles from excessive straightening or blow drying, these bad boys are a must.

60 Second Deep Treatment, $19: Aye dios mio! Finally, a vegan hair mask that works quickly and effectively! Most hair masks require 15-20 minutes… ain’t nobody got time fo’ that! This one only requires 60 seconds – HOLLA! This mask leaves my hair manageable and tangle-free. LOVES IT! 

You can get your hands on these fab products at Pravana salons, or you can order them online at

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  1. Cats are so photogenic! I don’t usually explore too much with hair care, just stick to what I know works, but I’m always glad to read about new vegan/cruelty-free lines. Love their packaging too

  2. Annika says:

    He-he, what a good way to illustrate a hair product. With a cat that has beautiful hair. Er, fur. 🙂

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