LUSH’s ‘Happy Feet’ Rocks My Socks Off

August 26, 2013By 3 Comments

LUSH happy feet Happy Feet gift bag

I have a confession… two, actually. 1) I’m insanely obsessed (like addiction-style) with LUSH bath and body treats. 2) I usually save all my LUSH bath bombs and fizzies for when I travel (i.e. hotel tubbies), ’cause I’m lazy and don’t wanna clean up the mess. 😉 (Am I a bad person? Shh, don’t answer that.)

Anywho, the hubs and I recently got back from a trip to Seattle and PDX, and you bettah believe I brought some LUSHy treats with me! This time around, I indulged in LUSH’s Happy Feet.

This gift set includes everything you need for a deluxe DIY pedi sesh. Also, all the goodies are packaged in a reusable, eco-friendly knotted pouch, which makes this set perfect for traveling and gifting (in this case, I totes gifted myself). 😉

Happy Feet ($24.95) includes:

  • Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb – This is a fizzy green ball of awesome! It contains sea salt, cypress, and pine, which makes for a hella relaxing soak.
  • Stepping Stone Foot Scrub – I recommend scrubbing your feet before letting this hit the water (it dissolves pretty quickly). This is great for massaging and sloughing off rough/dead skin on your delicate tootsies. I love the lemon/lime scent and moisturizing jojoba and shea buttery goodness.
  • Volcano Foot Mask – This was my first time ever rockin’ a foot mask. It’s exactly like a face mask but for your feetsies! It’s warm and tingly and dries pretty fast. It contains papaya enzymes which help smooth the skin and deodorize foot stank.
  • Fair Trade Foot Lotion – This pretty pink moisturizer is infused with arnica and mint (Mmm, tingly mint!). It’s a perfectly refreshing, quick-absorbing, and über moisturizing final step.

After using Happy Feet, my feet felt and smelled delicious! I will definitely be treating my beloved peds to another round of this sweet spa-sy action in the very near future!

LUSH Happy Feet
What’s your favorite LUSH treat?

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  1. Ashesela says:

    Eeee I love Lush!!!! 😀 This kit looks fabulous! I just got their Rock Your Body kit and I am very happy with it! 😀
    (P.S. I have a FB group called Lush Cosmetics Lovers that I just started, and if you want more people to discuss the awesomeness that is Lush with, you should join!! 😀 I seriously cannot get enough of that store and can talk about it for hours XD)

  2. Sarah S. says:

    LMAO! I hate to clean up the mess, too… I ought to get some lushies for my upcoming trip 😉

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