YUM Report: Lulu’s Raw Chocolate Rocks!

August 29, 2013By 9 Comments

lulus chocolate

Love Truffleslulus

As y’all know, I’ve given refined sugar the boot – sugar cane crack no longer runs through my veins. Instead, I fill that sweet void with healthier treats like yumdiddlyumptious Lulu’s Chocolate! It’s all organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, fair trade, and low glycemic (coconut-sweetened). ←DEE-LISH!!

The flavor flavs (* = mi favoritos): *Coffee Crunch, Midnight Velvet, Raw Love, Maca Love, *Chocolate Maca Chunk, Aztec Crunch, and *Smoked Sea Salt Almond ($3.33 each). Also, you HAVE to try their heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth Love Truffles and Maca Buttercups (~$6.50) – OMG, your tastebuds are gonna twerk it up in yo’ salivatious hizzay… this ish is REAL FOIN! Seriously, I’m addicted! I can’t go to Whole Foods without buying a couple packs of these… will need to start a Lulu’s Chocolate WF Fund ASAP.

Guess what, is gets even sweeter! All of Lulu’s packaging is absolutely gorge and super duper eco – it’s printed on recycled paper using soy and veggie inks, and the inside foil is made from 100% compostable Natureflex.

I always feel like a sophisticated skank (←term of self endearment, betch!) when I eat these luscious, beautifully crafted chocolates. They’re decadent, sweet (but not over-the-top sweet), and are the perfect size for sharing and not sharing – you won’t beat yourself up for overindulging because they’re actually healthyish (sprouted nuts, cacao nibs, pure vanilla, etc) . 😉

Have you tried Lulu’s Chocolate? Which ones are your faves?

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  1. DawnW says:

    I went ahead and ordered the box. 🙂

  2. DawnW says:

    Hi! I’m thinking of ordering the Vegan Presence Sept.box,but…can you give me a hint to what’s in it? Please? Thanks.

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