‘Wild About Greens’ Book Review

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I grew up thinking a salad was a hunk of wilted iceberg lettuce with a puddle of goopy ranch dressing plopped on top. I’m kind of vomiting thinking about it. Alas, sh*t ain’t like that no mo’. These days, there are more types of lettuce than flavors of Jelly Bellys (yum… so not excited about our Sugar Detox). And if you’re like me, you’ll easily drop $10 on salad at your local Steal My Whole Paycheck (fo’ realz, I love the store but GODDAMN it’s expensive). Well, no more of that crap. I gots to start making my own stuff. Thankfully, author and salad tosser extraordinaire Nava Atlas has concocted some glamorous yet completely doable recipes to get the greens in your gut!

wild about greens

With 125 recipes (that’s no joke right thurrr), Wild About Greens leaves no leaf unturned. No clue what to do with arugula? Pas de problem! Smack it up, flip it and rub it down! Want to eat more kale but you don’t know if you can stomach yet another bowl of it? You best believe Atlas has ideas for greens other than saladifying them! How about some “Kale and Pear Smoothie”? Or perhaps a “White Bean and Greens burger”? Whatever leaf you chose, you can rest assured Nava Atlas will: 1.) Define it for you 2.) Tell you how to choose it, clean and use it 3.) Provide a sh*t ton of recipes for it.

Go get his book, healthify yoself, and don’t be alarmed when you look so good that your friends become green with envy (I couldn’t resist that doozy)!

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