Hurrah for Hurraw Vegan Lip Balms!

July 12, 2013By 9 Comments

This is a guest post by Michelle Donfrio. Michelle has several passions, but two of her great passions are writing and health/beauty tips. She wants to share the knowledge with all she knows that the body is a blessing and so is the Earth, so let’s take care of both. She currently works in advertising and has varied writing experience including WGN Television, The Joliet Herald News, and poetry journals.

hurraw lip balm

Hurraw! Hurray for raw? Hurrah, Hurrah? As you can tell from the name, this lip balm company knows how to have some fun with their product. The Hurraw brand creates lip balm made with “premium organic, vegan, and raw ingredients.” In other words, you can put the lip balm on your lips and not worry about ingesting anything you can’t pronounce. Go ahead and lick those lips! While there are several great vegan lip balm options out there, almost none have made me a loyal customer. Lip products have to perform successfully against a variety of factors. My ideal lip balm can’t be too gritty, sticky, waxy, dry, slippery, or large in size. My search for quality vegan lip balm winded down when I stumbled upon Hurraw.

With Hurraw lip balm, I know I’m getting a quality product for a low price. If given the choice between spending money on expensive vegan produce or expensive vegan lip balm (although it would be a hard decision), I would rather spend the money on food. I despise the fact that most non-toxic beauty items are extremely pricey. I know we’re paying for the better ingredients rather than fillers, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on beauty. Hurraw’s lip balms are all under $5. That is only a price step above the drugstore Chapstick or LipSmacker. They do ask that you buy a minimum of three tubes. Hurraw also offers 22 scent selections, including three new Ayurvedic lip balms. While they offer some of the more traditional scents such as orange or mint, their choices do include some exotic fare – green tea, coffee bean, and licorice are a few of the more unique scents.

My personal favorites are the tinted lip balms. Many tinted vegan balms achieve their color by utilizing minerals such as mica. Some even use artificial coloring but just make sure the coloring agent is vegan. Hurraw uses natural alkanet root. The tinted balm flavors are cinnamon, black cherry, and grapefruit. Black cherry is always in my purse. The smell is incredible. The tint gives you that “Hello, Popsicle Kiss!” look. I will warn you, the grapefruit has a teensy, weensy bit of pink coloring but it’s not strong enough to actually tint your lips. I look at that particular balm as more of a “gloss.” It’s very shiny and may impart a tiny pink flow. I hope, in the future, Hurraw creates even more colors of tinted lip balm. I’m sure it’s a challenge to create colors based on only wild ingredients, but I’d love to see some violet, coral, or pink variations. The alkanet only imparts a rosy hue.

Hurraw does introduce new balms here and there, such as some Ayurvedic balms they just released. They seem less concerned about making new products, meeting marketing demands, and more concerned about maintaining the quality of their current products. As a consumer, I appreciate this. We all experience advertising in every aspect of our lives. There are messages telling us to “buy this,” or “buy that.” While I have seen Hurraw mentioned in magazine articles and style blogs, I have not seen a Hurraw paid advertisement. This is not to say that it does not exist, but it’s nice not to have the brand shoved in my face. As if I need one more reason to feel good about supporting the company, they even pack the balms in a recyclable tea bag. Everything about this company and their products just feel soooo… good. In short, if Hurraw can live up to my lip balm list of demands, I think they are worth talking about.

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  1. Abigail says:

    Hi Vegan Beauty Review,
    You should try Samana Naturals’ Lip Balms – featuring excellent flavors of lip balms, and other skin care products like soaps, and lotions.

  2. Tammy says:

    Um, yes, just discovered this brand through my Vegan Presence subscription and they are my new fave! (Sorry, Crazy Rumors, I still love you, too.)

    I think I need to go on a little online shopping trip now… :/

  3. Christine says:

    Buddha balm does have beeswax on it or so it says on their ingredients list.
    Beeswax isn’t a vegan product.

  4. Denise Belatore says:

    I prefer Buddha Balm. They are vegan friendly and gluten free. Hurraw has good flavors, but Buddha Balms are much better. Try Buddha Balm as I would be curious to see what you think.

  5. China Rox says:

    I’m all about Buddha Balm. Best lip ball I have ever used.

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