Change Your Diet to A Crazy Sexy One!

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This is a special guest post by Marisa Stanturf. Be sure to check out her blog Vegan Eugenian. 🙂

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you need a change now? Well fret no more, because the lovely Kris Carr has written the perfect book for you! Crazy Sexy Diet  changed my perspective on life. After I read this I knew I couldn’t go back to eating proccessed junk and being a coach potato. I needed to be healthy, physically and mentally!

Crazy Sexy Diet

This isn’t your typical diet book. Each chapter is filled with amazing information about food and spirituality. Kris doesnt just tell you what’s good and what’s bad, she explains why with scientific facts and raunchy humor. 😉 This was a fun and eye-opening read.

Towards the end of the book, Kris challenges you to 21 days of a Crazy Sexy lifestyle, in which she maps out with pages of encouraging words. There are also pages filled with yummy recipes! Don’t waste any time – go order this book right away! Transition from the standard american lifestyle to a Crazy Sexy one. 🙂

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