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glassdharma straws

Have you jumped on the glass straw bandwagon yet?! Don’t be lookin’ like a fool with your plastic bendy straw, ’cause Mama Earth is gonna bitch-slap you when you ain’t lookin’! 😉 Seriously though, if you don’t own at least 3 glass straws, it’s high time to get your eco-houseware shop on! My glass straws are my BABIES! I treat them with so much respect and care because they make me look cool (and eco-conscious), and they are the bomb at keeping my lipstick in tact—the things that matter in life. There are quite a few glass straw companies to choose from, and they are all pretty rad, but I’m especially diggin’ on GlassDharma lately. Their Decorative Dots straws have SO been stealin’ the show at meal time.


A few FAQs for straw enthusiasts:

Why glass straws?

Plastic straws are WASTEFUL and GROSS because they wind up in landfills and often wash up on beaches, and that totally sucks! Glass straws are reusable, affordable (these range from $7-12), and supa cute!

Will they break?

Sure, if you smack ’em around or go at them with a hammer, but with normal use, they should be good to go. GlassDharma uses borosilicate glass which is the strongest commercially available glass, and they offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

How do I pick a style?

This depends on what kind of drank is your ish. The straws they offer come in various sizes:

  • Bubble Tea (14mm)
  • Smoothie (12mm)
  • Ice Tea (9.5mm)
  • Sipper (7mm)

They also come in a few different styles:

  • Simple Elegance – It’s basic and affordable and is probably a good one for newbs.
  • Decorative Dots – These colored dots are pretty funky and funktional. You can use these to color code your drinks, or you can just admire them for their artsy-fartsy factor. The dots also help keep your straw from rolling off of the table (for klutzensteins like moi)! Available colors: red, green, blue, amber, clear, and black.
  • Beautiful Bends – Let’s face it, these are for us lazy betches who want the straw to basically walk up to our lips. 😉 Ha, that’s SO me!! I friggin’ love this style. It’s different and it’s reminiscent of the bendy straws from back in the day when we were kids (but it’s hella classy, too!).

How do I clean these straws?

You can purchase long, skinny cleaning brushes from their site, or you can just clean them in the dishwasher. I like to soak them in sudsy water before doing either.

Whatcha think? Is it time to rock some glass straws or what? 😉

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