Sjaak’s: Hella Delish Vegan Chocolate!

April 26, 2013By 4 Comments

sjaak'sY’all know I’m the world’s biggest sugar fiend, right? SUGAR is my mojo, and I ain’t ashamed. πŸ˜‰ Up until now, I thought Go Max Go was the only company hookin’ it up with vegan milk chocolate wonders, saving us from typical, boring, accidentally vegan, 70% dark chocolate blahsies that we all pretend to get excited about… but then I found out that the chocolatiers at Sjaak’s are giving vegan sugar addicts like me even more reasons to be giddy and squee-y with joy over to-die-for confections!!

I got to experience Sjaak’s vegan chocolate this past week (how on Earth did I not know about these chocolate gods until now?!?), and I was SO blown away that I seriously almost cried. :’) I definitely had a chocolate spiritual awakening. Sjaak’s not only makes insanely numsy vegan chocolate (we’re talkin’ caramels, truffles, peanut butter blissful bites, etc.), but everything is organic, and totally affordable! Sers, if I weren’t already married, I’d SO marry these chocolates, so we could be bound fo’ life! πŸ˜‰

sjaak's sampler
Now lemme tell you about some of my new sugary BFFs:

Organic Fair Trade Vegan European Chocolate Assortment,Β $9.95: Dudes, stop buying your boo thangs flowers on holidays and birthdays. Flowers wilt and die (not romantic), and those flowers belong with their flower parents in the earth anyway. πŸ˜‰ Instead, hook yo’ ladies up with some foin-ass, delectable, dairy-free chocolates that will make her tastebuds breakdance in delight. This sampler box is so BOMB; I totally scarfed it down in one sitting! Every chocolate in this box is uh-ma-zing, but my faves are the coffee caramel, raspberry truffle, Gianduja, and soft chocolate caramel.

Dark salted Caramels, $5.95: Oh shiz, do I even need to say anything about these? YUM. Orange, ginger, almond, hazelnut + fancy salt + chocolate = not sharing. Moving on.

Treasure Bar – Eli’s Earth, $2.29: These chocolate bars rival Go Max Go (sorry to keep comparing them, but they both excel at vegan “milk” chocolate). This bar is my home dog. It has aΒ solid layer of crunchy peanut butter topped with caramel, and it’s coated in creamy vegan milk chocolate. That description actually does it zero justice. Buy this bar (make sure you’re far away from any people when you eat it, as you will not wanna share this one), stuff it in your face (or daintily nibble at it), and get back to me. I ate this days ago, and I still fantasize about it before I go to bed every night.

The only downside to Sjaak’s awesome chocolates is that they aren’t making my ass any smaller… but hey, I can definitely live with that. πŸ˜‰

Have you tried any of these vegan chocolates? Are you as obsessed as I am? πŸ™‚

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  1. Sabrina C says:

    The Sjaaks I got in my Vegan Cuts box was amazing. I thought about buying some more…’cause I love me some chocolate.

  2. Sophie says:

    I feel like I HAVE to try these now haha Too bad that it came out that Go Max Go has dairy in them! Pretty awful, really. I actually thought of you when I read the news!

    • Sunny says:

      You have to try Sjaak’s, Sophie! It’s cray how tasty their chocolates are! About Go Max Go… turns out it was sort of blown out of proportion. The dairy that was being referred to is actually just “trace amounts” that all food companies who share equipment with non-dairy products have to disclose (for people with severe allergies). So there wasn’t straight-up dairy in Go Max Go (but they forgot to include the disclosure on their labels). If you look at almost every vegan food product you buy, there will be a disclosure about shared equipment–it’s totally normal.

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