Sia Botanics: Desert Aloe and Jojoba for Dry Skin

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I’m always eyeing new beauty products at Whole Foods—seriously, my beautdar is always in full force at health food stores. WFs is where Sia Botanics first caught my eye—their Desert Aloe and Jojoba dry skin line really spoke to me (it was saying sexy things like, “Slather me on yo’ face and look like a foin young homie again.” So… I had to try this new line out!

Desert Aloe and Jojoba Cream Cleanser, $16 – This is hella bomb for my dry-ass, winter-wrecked skin! I also love how it sort of pre de-gunks my parched, crusty situation and removes my makeup before it gets down and dirty. It barely has a scent (which is nice ’cause you know its no-frill, pure ingredients are doin’ their thang), it’s gentle, and super moisturizing yet light (does that make sense?). I’m def a cream cleanser gal—I’ve never met a creamy face wash I didn’t like, and this holds true to that.

Desert Aloe and Jojoba Moisture Mask, $19 – Desert botanicals and peptides deliver healin’ properties deep into your skin with this one. Leave this mask on your face for 20 minutes (polish your bowling balls, eat an entire cake, trim your nose hairs, whatevsies you gotta do to kill the time), and then rinse this bad boy off. Your skin will feel supa dupa soft and smooth afterwards—trust!

Desert Aloe and Jojoba Scrub, $18 – The texture of this scrub threw me off at first because it’s gelatinous, but after I chilled out and realized that it’s just very aloe vera-y, I was SO into this scrub. It’s gentle, it doesn’t have much of a scent, a little goes a long way, and it makes my skin feel so refreshed afterwards.

Desert Aloe and Jojoba Cream, $18 – I’ve been applying this after I wash and tone my face morning and night, and my skin is lovin’ this infusion of moisture-rich TLC. There’s one beauty tip I consistently give my VBR readers, and that is to find a facial moisturizer you love and use it all the time, day and night. Aside form staying out of the sun, not smoking, and eating a well-balanced vegan diet, it’s the key to having youthful skin forevah!

Bottom line: These products are all vegan and cruelty-free, super pure, non-frilly, and perfectly formulated for dry skin.

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