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You guys may know that I’m obsessed with yoga, and recently I’ve gotten into something that goes hand-in-hand with yoga, Ayurveda medicine. (Click on the link for more info, as Ayurveda is a vast subject and I am not equipped with enough knowledge about it to school you guys.)

One part of Ayurveda medicine that I’m studying hardcore is the idea of doshas. We all have a dosha that relates to our body and mind, and if we follow dietary and lifestyle guidelines according to our doshas, and keep them balanced, we will thrive. If our doshas fall out of balance, that’s when we find ourselves gaining weight, breaking out, and all other kinds of icky mess—ain’t nobody got time fah that!

Pratima Skincare designs products that will work with individual doshas, they even have this nifty little quiz on their site so that you know what you dosha is and what products will work best for you.

Pratima skincare

I took the quiz and the peeps at Pratima hooked me up with some awesomeness for my dosha. They sent me a ton of products and all of them are absolutely amazing.

Here is a breakdown of everything I tried:

Vata Rejuvenating Body Oil So I definitely used the review as an excuse to have my boo thang massage me with this sh*t!! And it felt spectacular. You can use this to get a sweet booty massage or apply as a moisturizer fresh out of the shower, even while the skin is still a little damp as that allows it to penetrate deeper. It’ll leave yo’ skin feeling silky smooth. I especially love applying it after I shave my leggies. I get mad razor burn, but this is very calming and relieving to my sensitive skin..

Vata Essential Oil I used to be terrified of putting oil on my face because my skin is so terrible and I can break out at any moment, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this essential oil. I put it on after I cleanse and before I apply makeup and it feels like a dream. It makes my skin feel thicker and fills in fine lines—almost like it doubles as a primer for my makeup. I haven’t experienced any breakouts with it so it’s safe for acne prone skin.

Rejuvenating Gold Eye Cream Looooooove this so much! I’ll be honest, I’m not one to apply eye cream, but I’ve been feeling like I should. Your girl isn’t gettin’ any younger! Since I’ve been applying this morning and night, I’ve seen a pretty significant difference in the appearance of my eyes. I feel like they’re brighter and more awake-looking. Definitely recommend.

Amla Collagen Cream Once again, I haven’t used many anti-aging products in the past. I must think I’m like immortal or something, but I’m hoping if I start at the tender age of 22 I’ll freeze my face the way it is…what do you think? 😉 Well, that seems to be what’ll happen if I keep using this ish. Fah realz, my skin feels tighter and firmer from using this. I also have acne scars and I feel like it’s filled them in a bit and kind of smoothed them over. This is thick cream, so naturally, I was afraid it would break me out—NOPE! All is safe in that department. Let me also mention that all of these products smell divine–very clean, natural scents.

Neem Rose Face Sunscreen I’m so so so so happy a product like this exists! It is so hard to find a healthy sunscreen—especially one that doesn’t cause my delicate skin to break out. This stuff is heaven sent. It has neem in it, which prevents and minimizes blemishes. This Neem Rose Face Sunscreen has an SPF of 30 so you can prevent premature wrinkles while combating acne at the same time. I LOVE THIS!

Are any of you into Ayurveda medicine?

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  1. Alexis says:

    Yes to Ayurveda beauty products! I seriously didn’t know what that even was until I found Athar’a, thanks to you Sunny and Vegan Cuts! I tried their eye cream and have been hooked to all their yummy products. I linked to it above. I will also check out Pratima, looks lovely.

  2. Tania says:

    I have used the Pratima Rosacea care stuff for about 9 months now and it works better than metrogel and metrolotion to control outbreaks and symptoms. The only downside is that I can’t use health insurance/flex dollars to buy it! I hope that she stays around for a long time.

  3. Millie says:

    Ah yes I love Ayurveda medicine and love it too! Vata essential oil is great. I use it and have had great results with it.

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