Power Vegan: Get Off Yo’ Booty & Eat Some Kale!

April 29, 2013By 3 Comments

power vegan

I just finished reading POWER VEGAN: Plant-Fueled Nutrition for Maximum Health and Fitness by Rea Frey (vegan nutrition specialist, sports trainer, and hottie boombalottie), and lemme just say, I (belly jigglies and all) am INSPIRED! The book covers everything! You could be an omni/vegan/raw vegan/breathatarian/whatevs, and this book is going to motivate you to get active, eat mega healthy, and patiently wait for your 6-pack to make its way through the layers of squishy, cute love handles.

This is not a diet book! Frey makes it clear that it’s not about limiting what you eat, but rather adding wholesome, nutritious, plant-based foods into your diet that you love and make you feel goooood. She covers such an array of information, questions, and concerns—it’s redonk! For example, she lists common excuses for eating poorly—all of which I’m guilty of (and I’m vegan already!), and she adresses how to overcome any challenges (laziness, lack of will power, not knowing how to cook, not wanting to spend too much $$ on grub, etc.). Frey also includes easy 30-minutes-or-less recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts (!!!), and snacks. Get this, she even provides sample meal plans for people with allergies and food aversions (e.g. soy, gluten, nuts, etc.).

Like I said, I’m already a vegan (and have been since dinosaurs roamed the earth), yet I learned SO much (and got a nice refresher on a bunch of stuff, too—like best food sources for omegas, Vitamin D, B12, iron, calcium, etc.). There’s also a section in the back of the book with workout plans/basic exercises (with pics)—which is great for novices like myself who have a difficult time knowing where to start… all’s I know is that I want a delicious booty, an 18-pack, and no more muffin top! 😉

I’m seriously stoked on this book. Starting today, I’m gonna detox from sugar (please pray for me), 😉 cook from scratch and incorporate a shit ton of superfoods (spirulina, chlorella, nutritional yeast, coconut water, etc.), get my arse on the treadmill and sweat until I produce 15 gallons of salt water, de-stress, meditate, and reap the benefits of being vegan and healthy. Who wants to join me?

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  1. Abby Bean says:

    I’m hearing this book has a lot of inconsistent information about vegan nutrition with insufficient cites. Also, that it says it’s ok to eat meat? Not a “vegan” book I’d be interested in.

  2. 18 pack? I am a realistic person. So I just want 12 pack. 😛 haha….

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