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Get Nayked! That is the plea of Nayked Botanicals and trust me, you’ll want to once you try these 100% vegan products! Created by a veteran aesthetician, the products are different than your average vegan skin care line because they’re designed to work in a dermatologist’s office and thus, have a little more oomph.

I met with Vicky, the owner of Nayked, at one of the dermatologist’s offices in Boca Raton, Florida where her products are sold. Vicky has radiant skin and hair—it’s definitely encouraging to use her products! Vicky loaded me up with different products to try—all of them vegan and green—no chemicals and they’re full of easy-to-read ingredients like aloe, primrose oil, grape fruit extract, etc. I half expected the products to be like many vegan products I used—excellent ingredients and packaging but light on results—but I was thrilled to be wrong!

My first and favorite product is the Nayked Botanical Cleanse. It’s a gentle foaming cleanser that smells better than any product I have ever used! It lathers and feels silky to the skin. Best of all, it removes mascara! I gently used the solution on my eye lids and the waterproof mascara I swear by came right off!

Next I tried the Revive toner. It’s different from other toners because it’s a spray that foams on your skin. It lifts the dirt off your face and then you wipe it off with a towel.  The main ingredient is grapefruit extract which is great for combatting acne.

I followed this with the Eye Lift Cream. It actually tingled the area around my eyes.  It is a very light cream which I liked, and a little bit goes a long way which is always nice. I combined this with my own moisturizer, and I felt a lightness to my skin I simply hadn’t felt in awhile.  This was my first full facial using vegan products, and it didn’t leave any film that many products tend to leave on my face. It’s been two months, and I am still on the same cleanser, toner, and eye lift cream—a little goes a long way with these products!

I would say the only miss was the suntan lotion. My pores clog easily, and this cream didn’t work for my skin. I had some minor breakouts and stopped using it. However, members of my family got hold of it and absolutely loved using the sunscreen on their kids. It smells almost like coffee, yet it’s nice and relatively light. Again, for my own personal skin, it didn’t work, but for those with fairer skin, it would probably be perfect.

I can’t wait to now try Nayked Botanicals hair products. If my face feels this much lighter with vegan skin care, I can imagine what my hair is going to feel like!  Stay tuned for that review!

~Susan Cava

Vegan for life!

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