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I’ve hearted MyChelle beauty products since the inception of VBR (2007—can you believe that shit?! :’) My baby’s growing up!). Not every product in MyChelle’s line is vegan, but the ones that are, are truly dee-licious!

Two MyChelle products I’m currently gaga over are the Fruit Fiesta Peel ($28.39) and the Apple Brightening Mist ($16.69)—both anti-aging wonders (imagine that… Dude, if I can’t have a time machine, you know I’m gonna slather youth-enhancing goodies on mah face every chance I get!).

Let’s talk about this peel for a sec. I’m sold on the name alone. I’m very much into fruit fiestas, whether they be in my face or on my face. This vegan formula contains 7% lactic acid (which supports youthful collagen), alpha-hydroxy acids up the yin-yang, and it’s chock-full of yummy, natural ingredients. I know it truly works because I can actually feel a tingling sensation on my face when I use it. If you’re using a “peel” and you don’t feel a damn thing, throw it in the trash and get your money back. Amazing peels should tingle a bit (nothing cray, should be on the subtle side). I use this fruit fiesta before my nighttime siesta once a week. My skin feels fresh and has a kickass glow when I rock this ish.

OK, moving on to the Apple Brightening Mist. It smells like a delicious, ripe-ass apple orchard. LOVES it!! If you have blotchy, uneven skin tone, age spots, etc. (DAMN the sun… I don’t even care that my name is Sunny! The sun can be a d*ck!), this is gonna be your new BFF. Use this as you would a toner (morning and night, after washing your gorgeous face). Magical ingredients in the mist: Applephenon, rich in high ORAC antioxidants; Belides Daisy Flower which brightens and evens skin tone; and antioxidant super fruits like Acai and Mangosteen which repair, protect, and strengthen the skin. Worrrd!

Which MyChelle beauty products are your fave?

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  1. I use their face wash. It’s a gentle cleanser. I like it, although if I don’t put lotion on my face after wash, my skin becomes really tight and dry.

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