Lunette: Stank Less, Save Mula and The Planet

February 5, 2013By 19 Comments

I’d like to preface this post by stating that there’s nothing awesome about shoving a chemically bleached, pointy wad of cotton up your vadge to collect Aunt Flo’s messy situation. Bleach aside, tampons harbor bacteria (which can lead to toxic shock syndrome!) and they are often culprits of embarrassing leaks and funkadelic odors.

Ever since my homegirl Christy opened my eyes to the wonderful world of menstrual cups, I have ditched tampons for good (even the organic cotton ones!). Menstrual cups are made from medical-grade silicone that you insert into your hoo-ha to collect your monthliness. I’m personally hooked on the brand Lunette. They kick ass for many reasons—checkity-check check it:

  • They are easy to use – You just fold the cup in half length-wise and insert; you won’t even feel it once it’s in place.
  • They are hygienic and safe – These cups don’t absorb moisture nor do they encourage bacteria to party it up in your nether region.
  • They’ll save you mad chedda, yo – The average woman spends between $48-84 per year on disposable tampons and pads. Wouldn’t you rather spend that $$ on weekly vegan donuts and hot cocoa? Thought so.
  • They are eco-friendly – A single cup will last you for decades!
  • They can be worn for up to 12 hours – That’s such a huge chunk of time, you can just pretend that you’re not even on your period!
  • You won’t smell like tuna—ever, because your flo only stanks when the blood gets oxygenated. So… since that never happens (the goo stays inside the cup inside your body), you won’t smell like a fish factory. Amen!
  • Bonus: Lunette comes in two different sizes and four pretty colors (they have a clear one, too). I chose the coral one. 🙂

Do you use menstrual cups? Would you ever try them? What’s your favorite brand?

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  1. Zuzanna says:

    I have a diva cup, and I love it! I will never go back to tampons again because they dry me up, and they creat so much garbage that it’s scary.

  2. I have a diva cup and I love it. I am a small girl 4’11” 110 pounds and the diva cup works fine for me. It doesn’t hurt to insert or remove. I purchased my cup last year maybe in September. But I am pregnant now and I will have to get the cup for women who have had children. Maybe I will try this brand (Lunette) after I have my baby?
    Sunny have you tried reusable panty liners? Also, do you know anything about cloth diapers? Did you use them with your son? I am so glad that VBR is on Instagram now, you are my favorite vegan blogger and with Instagram it is so much easier to talk to you! I follow you under @myssshopaholic. Take Care!

    • Sunny says:

      First of all, CONGRATS!!! That’s so exciting! When are you do?
      I have not tried reusable liners, but I totally want to try them.
      We bought 24 Fuzzibunz cloth diapers (one size), and they kick ass. We are still in transition, though. I hope to be 100% cloth in the next couple months.
      Also stoked to be connected on IG – you are lovely! 😀

  3. I haven’t tried this one, but I’m a big fan of these sort of products over tampons. I use the soft cup and honestly it completely changed how I felt about my period. Eliminates 90% of the inconvenience. If a product can be lifechanging, this is it for me

  4. Samantha says:

    I really want a Lunette. After making the mistake of doing research on cups AFTER I bought the Diva Cup, I wish I would’ve done a better investigation! The Diva Cup gets so much hype and has the most advertising–and not to mention a personal friend was raving about it–I didn’t know other cups even existed.

    After I discovered a cup help/beginners blog dedicated to just about every cup out there, it just seems to me that the Lunette would have been the best choice due to its smaller size in comparison to the Diva. But alas! I’m doing my best to make it work until I can set some funds aside and try a Lunette instead. :3

    Sorry for the rant! Menstrual cups rule! ;p

    • Sabrina C says:

      If you don’t mind, there is a livejournal community dedicated to selling once-used or once-tried cups. I think it is and the people do boil/sanitize before shipping (no dirty stuff sent out). Folks sell all kinds all the time. I bought two of mine there. Great prices, very reasonable.

  5. Icequeen81 says:

    This sound like a heaven of product too bad they don’t sell it where I live Dutch Antilles . common no tuna odor, clean? and spare more money , how better can it sound and use it for decades . I really want this product,

  6. Sarah S. says:

    I want to try one but I just had a baby… any issues if you’re not 14 down there?

  7. Lauren says:

    Alright, I think I am finally going to cave and try one of these cups. I’ve had reservations because I’ve got a tiny situation down there and have always been able to feel tampons. Tampons make me walk like John Wayne. I have seen similar menstrual cups at Whole Foods and thought they looked a lil big for me. But I guess if they are silicone, they should sort of mold to my tiny junk? The only thing I loathe more than tampons are pads. Ugh. So I have been using sea sponges:

    They work pretty amazing, no leaks or funkiness, and I cannot feel them at all. They make one is size ‘teeny’ for 14 year olds which is my size! Yay! Even though I’m 28 and not new to my period or sex. BUT, they are not practical to insert, remove and clean, so back to ugh.

    Anyhow, I just talked to a friend last month who I found out used the cup and loves it. Add this post and the fact that I keep hearing that from tons of other ladies too, so I guess I’ll have to finally give it a go! 🙂

    • Sunny says:

      When you’re ready, you might want to go with the size one model. Here’s a link to their sizing guide:

      Good luck! 🙂

    • Julie Michelle says:

      I wanted to warn you that if you’re tiny down there, menstrual cups may not work for you. I’m extremely tiny (my gyno has to use the child sized speculum) and when I tried the diva cup a few years ago it got stuck. I had to have it removed by a doctor, which was pretty darn traumatic, especially because he belittled me the whole time for being “stupid” enough to use the cup. I think he thought it was some sort of kinky sex thing, instead of a legitimate menstrual product. What happened to me is relatively rare (though Diva cup did admit that I’m not the only woman to have had that problem when I contacted them about it), and it may not happen to you, but I did want to warn you so that you are aware of the potential risk. The eco-friendly alternative I recommend is Party In My Pants reusable pads. They are nothing like those horrible self stick pads they sell at the drug store. They’re made out of cotton or flannel in super cute patterns (organic options available), close around your undies with a snap and are you just throw them in the wash when you’re done with them. I feel a lot better not having to insert anything and even my boyfriend thinks they are ridiculously cute!

      • Sunny says:

        Sorry that you had a bad experience; I guess they aren’t for everyone. I’ll definitely check out Party In My Pants pads, too! What a great idea – thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Sabrina C says:

      There are small cups out there. Meluna makes some tiny ones. Do research first! Google “menstrual cups livejournal” and start there. Best cupper community ever.

  8. staci says:

    Love my Lunette! I’ve had two so far.

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