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ecco bella

Now, I know we vegans naturally smell like Star Gazer Lilies and Gardenias (because we eat so cleanly), but every once in awhile, we could use a li’l help from our friends. And by friends, in this case, I mean Ecco Bella. I got to sample their Vanilla Bourbon and Lemon Verbena Eau De Parfums (I chose these scents because I like smelling like food, especially dessert… yum), and I instantly fell in  with them!

It’s hard to find natural vegan perfume that isn’t simply essential oils mixed in a carrier oil. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about super simple, pure aromas straight from Mothah Earth (patchouli excluded), but sometimes I just crave a spritzy smelly situation that’s fruity and fun. Btw, Ecco Bella uses pure essential oils in their perfumes, but their blends, mixed with a bit of alcohol, make them more like conventional perfume we all know and love (sans the nasty chemicals, toxins, and excess ick ingredients).

Organic Bourbon Vanilla eau de Parfum, $27: EB says to use this when you want to elicit feelings of creativity, love, and sensuality, so I’ve been wearing it everyday. I also wear it because I want to smell like vegan dessert 24/7. Can you blame me? I’m a sweet person. 😉 I think it could be a teensy bit more vanilla-y, but I’m wondering if that’s because I’m a sugar fiend, and I’m on the quest to BE a vegan cupcake (I appreciate over-the-top sweet, sugary scents, and this one’s more on the grown up-y side… I know, what am I, 12?). The floral oils in this perfume definitely duke it out with the sweet undertones, but overall, I’m still a fan. It smells pretty, and I feel pretty wearing it. The scent lasts a decent while but it’s not quite as eau de parfum-y as I expected. That’s okay, I’m more than happy to reapply after a couple hours. Ingredients: Organic grain alcohol, Vanilla absolute, cocoa absolute, rose, and jasmine

Organic Lemon Verbena eau de Parfum, $27: This scent lasts a bit longer than the Bourbon Vanilla one, and it’s a straight-up lemon zingy zestfest! It’s a clean, fresh, tart perfume and it’s suggested that it be worn when you want to feel uplifted, refreshed, and spontaneous. ← Yes, please! I’ll take it where I can get it. 🙂 Ingredients: Organic grain alcohol, Lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, and geranium

Have you tried Ecco Bella perfume? Thoughts? What’s your all-time favorite scent?

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  1. J.Sclafani says:

    Very helpful site & so glad it exists.

    I enjoy the reviews 🙂
    However, one still must double check everything to be sure an item is definitely or STILL cruelty free; especially on older articles/reviews here.

    Even if a particular product is not tested, if the parent company DOES TEST, your $ still goes to that heinous company.


    Usually this is a company like Unilever/Proctor&Gamble, a corp unlikely to change testing protocol because of the varied products they sell.

    I would rather pass and deal with a company that simply does not test.

    So many USA cosmetics companies who gave up testing( or never tested), sold out countless thousands of animals, in an effort to sell( $$$$$) to the China/Japan market that requires testing of imported products.

    This kind of tells you what their core value really is, after all: not being humane but the almighty dollar at any expense, even innocent animal lives.

    BTW- One of your Peta created Memes/Gifs with brand logos is out of date as far as who is truly cruelty free, you might want to remove it/update it.

    Thanks for offering this site as a guide for those who care about animals & their health! 🙂

  2. Melanie says:

    I LOOOOOOVE their ambrosia scent. It makes me never want to stop inhaling… Ever again. Seriously AMAZING!

  3. Debweth says:

    I love Ecco Bella perfumes, my signature scent is their Ambrosia scent. I wish more people would give them a look, they are a great company

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