Drink in Eco Style With Simply Straws

January 17, 2013By 4 Comments

I straws because…

  1. They protect my toofeses from acid wear.
  2. They help keep my lipstick and lip balm in place while I’m drinking.
  3. They make me feel like a kiddo again.
  4. They help me pace myself while I’m slurping down milkshakes.
  5. The ones I’m reviewing are reusable and BPA-free!
  6. Annnnd… they are simply tubular! 😉

BUT, conventional straws are bad for the environment and your health (BPA-style), and they cost a bit of cha-ching over a lifetime. That’s why I’m all about Simply Straws! They’re made out of durable, sustainable glass, and you can order them in different sizes, colors, and styles (straight or bent). I highly recommend their Simply A-Mason Combo ($18) which comes with a 16oz. mason jar with handle, a lid with straw hole, and a classic 8″ color straw.

As you can see, I rock this bad boy with my OJ. It’s super fun to drink out of, it keeps the kittehs from sneakin’ sips (especially while I’m chugging my yums vanilla almond milk), and this mug has a beautiful “S” etching—which I LOVE. I like to pretend the “S” is for Sunny. 😉

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  1. Tabitha Richelle says:

    Got my guy these for Valentine’s Day & gave ’em to him early when I caught him almost buying some at a health food store. He loves them so far! 🙂 It’s good to shop around for prices on them though. Pretty sure that vegan cuts has a deal on them right now, and I got a good deal on a few (that were eligible for free shipping and included brushes!) on amazon.

  2. Sabrina C says:

    I have been tempted to purchase that set! Now you tempt me even more. For shame, ma’am, for shame.

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