Metropolis Soap Co. Faves!

January 24, 2013By 3 Comments

Everyone already knows how much I adore Metropolis Soap Co.—if I could blog about them every day, I prolly would. 😉 Here are my latest MSC obsessions:

Tangerine and Apple Exfoliating Scrub – So yummy I could take a bite out of it! It’s mega moisture-rich, it smells divoon, and when I use this on my hands, it’s the bestest, fanciest scrubby hand massage evah!

Lavender Whipped Shea Butter – Whipped shea butter is one of my favorite body products… pretty much whipped anything steals my . This one is so light and fluffy, and it goes on my skin like a dream. The calming lavender essential oil in this baby makes this a perfect nighty-night beauty essential! Seriously, I rock the hand scrub, followed by this whipped shea butter moisturizer, and this mama goes beddies with a smile on her face. 🙂

Mint, Lavender and Citrus Vegan Artisan Soap – This soap is made with rose clay which soothes sensitive skin. I’ve never heard of rose clay before, but rose anything is guaranteed to be the shit, IMHO. The lavender/mint/citrus combo makes me wanna make out with the soap. It smells GORGEOUS, f’reals. It’s also a pretty soap to look at with elegant maroon swirlies. It’s fancy, handmade, vegan, and it smells hella awesome—what else could you ask for from a soap?

Have you tried Metropolis Soaps yet? What are your faves?

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  1. Icequeen81 says:

    sounds good , even Im not sure if the mint citrus well smell good or lavender. But the tangerine sounds really good love citrus smells for body products

  2. staci says:

    I adore Metropolis! I’m a big fan of their Agave Nectar and Green Tea. And the Dark Lavender and Lime is great for problem skin. (I’m acne prone on my back/chest, especially in the summer.)

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