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I have a confession to make: MY NAILS LOOK LIKE SHIT, all the time. I know, I know—I’m a fraud. Here I am writing reviews and giving my opinions on all the latest and greatest vegan beauty products, yet I’m typing with fingers that are homes to the most atrocious looking nails you’ve ever seen!

Okay, they’re not that bad. They just don’t get a lot of lovin’. Its nothing but black nail polish all day err’day for this girl. And I don’t even remove old polish before painting again—I just paint right over the old stuff! I know, beauty blasphemy.

For those of you that like to keep your nails all fresh to death and shizz, I had my homegirl try out the latest shades from Soulstice Spa, and she reported back to me with pictures and thoughts.

Soulstice Spa shades: Napa (red), Cassis (dark plum), and Nevis (green)

She tried a few different shades out said that the colors went on smoothly, held up for a good week, didn’t chip, and said that it was easy to wipe off of her skin if she accidentally went off of the nail (psssh, I do this every time I paint my nails—always the worst paint job EVAH).

She also liked that she could apply multiple coats easily without a messy buildup look that she usually gets when she applies multiple coats for a more vibrant color.

All of Soulstice Spa’s products are vegan and cruelty-free. They also donate a portion of the all proceeds to social and environmental non-profit organizations that are working to make beautiful changes in the world.

You can have awesome nails AND do good deeds and stuff, WIN!

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