DIY Tricks To Combat Puffy Eyes

December 19, 2012By 2 Comments

Puffy eyes – they are a common side effect of lack of sleep, sensitivity to cosmetics, too much salt, an allergy flare up, or just a good ol’ fashioned (and sometimes much needed) cry session. And regardless of why you get them, they can be unsightly and take away from our natural beauty. Fortunately, for us sufferers, there are 3 simple ways to help un-puff those puffy eyes without even having to leave the house. Eager to de-puff? Read on.

Chill Out

One sure-fire way to ease the swelling around your eyes and get back to your hot self is to cool things down. Literally.

Ice helps to shrink the blood vessels around your eye area which can become engorged and ultimately cause your under-eye area to swell. All you have to do is simply grab an ice cube, wrap it in a thin (and clean) facecloth, run it under water for a few seconds (to get the ice to melt slightly), and then apply it directly to your eye area. Try to hold the ice over each eye for as long as you can stand it – ideally about a minute each eye. Once it becomes too cold to stand, move over to the other eye or hold it on your eyelid to calm down any swelling you might be experiencing there as well.

An Essential Remedy

If suffering through chilly treatments isn’t really your thing, maybe a natural essential oil would be more suitable. The other day I came across an effective remedy that not only helps to shrink inflamed blood vessels but smells great and works out to be pennies per treatment!

The process is simple:

  • combine 2 drops of rosemary essential oil with 1 teaspoon of olive oil (to dilute the solution)
  • mix the two oils until well combined
  • using your index finger, rub the oil mixture onto your eye area
  • let the oils sit on your skin for a few minutes or until you notice the puffiness starting to subside
  • wipe away the residual oil

Make sure you avoid getting the oils into your actual eyes as this could cause serious irritation and should be flushed away with water if it occurs. Once completed this treatment should act as an anti-inflammatory agent and cause the blood vessels around your eye area to constrict while also allowing your eyes to look more open and alert. And not only is it a cheap and easy fix, but it is gentle on your skin and full of natural ceffeic acid which should help to further de-puff the puff throughout your day. Bonus!

Un-Puffing So Easy You Won’t Be-Leaf It

Once I break down this simple remedy, your mind will be blown with just how clever that title is, if I do say so myself! If the puffy bags under your eyes are masking your natural beauty, head on into your kitchen and grab yourself two tea bags. Pretty much any tea should work, as long as it’s caffeinated. I personally prefer either green tea or white tea as I find they don’t really stain your skin as much as darker teas do.

Once you have your tea bags, the process is easy:

  • dampen your tea bags under a light stream of cold water for a few minutes
  • squeeze out the excess water
  • place the wet tea bags in your freezer for about 5 minutes or until they are cold to the touch
  • after your time is up, take the tea bags out of the freezer, lie down, and place them onto your eyes
  • let them sit there for about 20 minutes
  • once your 20 minutes is up, take the tea bags off and rinse your face with cool water

You should notice the swelling subsiding after one quick treatment but if you are still experiencing some puffiness then try this de-puffing powerhouse remedy:

  • grab yourself 4 or 5 tea bags (again green tea or white tea)
  • allow them to steep in hot water for up to 20 minutes until you have a strong cup of tea
  • let the tea cool down
  • pour your strong tea into ice cube trays and place in your freezer
  • once completely frozen, pop out an ice cube, wrap in a thin facecloth and place over your eye
  • similar to the first remedy, leave the ice on your eye for as long as you can stand
  • rotate eyes until your ice cube is melted

This treatment is oh-so-awesome because not only do you get the effects of the caffeine but you also get the cooling and constricting action of the ice.

Et voila! Three quick and easy ways to ease and erase those puffy bags under your eyes, without even having to leave the house! But what about you? Do you have any simple solutions for getting rid of the puffiness under your eyes? Leave them in the comment section below!

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  1. Puffy eyes have been my problem since I was in college and I never knew that tea bags are effective remedy for this. Thank you for this valuable information that you’ve shared.

  2. LindaMarshall says:

    Swollen or Puffy eyes are the worst sight for any woman, or man, for that matter. Puffy eyes ruin your look, and most people are at a loss on how to deal with the issue. Thankfully, being a doctor myself, I know that puffy eyes are best treated through sleep. Yes, believe it or not, getting adequate sleep is the best possible method to deal with the ugly puffy eye issue.

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