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A friend of mine recently recommended that I try Root Beauty, a vegan skin care line that uses only simple, natural, and organic ingredients—and since I’m all about über pure ingredients in my beauty regimen, I jumped at the chance to sample this new brand. Two products I’m gaga for:


Root Beauty Restore Moisturizer, $39: I’m obsessed with anti-aging products (Duh! You should know this by now.). 😉 Goal: To look 27 when I’m 104. This moisturizer caught my eye because it “helps restore and replenish damaged skin,” and damaged skin is what I’m desperately trying to avoid—I’m vain and totally chill about it. 😉 The rockstar ingredient in this bad boy is argan oil, which has regenerating properties that can effectively fight early signs of aging. Argan oil is also great for nourishing dry hair btw… basically it’s the bad assiest oil of oils for beauty junkies like you and me. I’ve been using this moisturizer every night after washing my face before bed, and I’ve been waking up with the thoroughly quenched, soft-ass skin—looooooves it! A little goes a long way, too, so this is such a good deal! (Plus, some beauty essentials are priceless!)

Ingredients: organic argan oil, organic sweet almond, organic apricot kernel oil, organic lavender oil wild carrot seed oil

Root Beauty Deodorant, $15: This gentle yet effective deodorant seriously gets the job done. I’ve recently become an exclusive fan of baking soda-based, minimal-ingredient deodoro. Like I’ve said before, these are the only kinds of anti-smellies that keep my stank at bay. Also this formula won’t leave you with yellow pit stains (←HAWT) on your threads, it won’t clog pores (amen!), and it’s free of gunky chemicals and preservatives that mainstream brands pack into their Satan deo sticks! If you’re still skeptical, the peeps at Root Beauty will refund your $ if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, baking soda, organic virgin coconut oil, organic rosemary oil

What’s your latest vegan beauty obsession?

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