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More than ever, beauty companies love to make claims that their products have “all natural” ingredients. Would you be surprised (and offended) to find that many of these products are loaded with icktastical, gross chemicals and preservatives? Well, if so I don’t blame you. Honestly, if you’re in the market for legitimately pure, natural skin care products, you have to read ingredients (just like you would with your food).

Now lemme introduce y’all to Sprout. Everything in their skin care line has only a few ingredients, almost so basic they’re similar to some of my DIY beauty recipes. Sprout sent me samples of their cleanser, toner, exfoliant, cream and lip balm—♥♥♥ them all.

The breakdown:

Cleanser –  This cleanser is super liquidy so I was worried about its effectiveness at getting the gunk and grime off my face. As long as you get all of your makeup off beforehand, this cleanser does an excellent job and making your skin feel fresh and clean (smells really good, too). Ingredients: Rosewater, Vegetable glycerin, and Tea tree oil

Exfoliant – With only three ingredients, I’m inspired to attempt making this in my kitchen one of these days. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy it pre-made and in cute packaging. Exfoliants are great to use a couple times a week to seriously tackle dead skin cells for a deeper cleaning. Can’t complain about this one. It got the job done quite nicely. I actually mixed it in with my nightly cream cleanser and it totally kicked it up a notch (also made it easier to apply). Ingredients: Maine sea salt, Oats, Almonds

Toner – Since I’m a huge fan of making my own toner, I knew what the ingredients of this bad boy were going to be before checking them out. This toner is wunderbar at restoring skin’s pH. Spritz on a bit after cleansing your face, top it off with a bit of moisturizer, and BAM—get ready for naturally beautiful skin. Ingredients: Water, Raw apple cider vinegar, Witch hazel, and Essential oils of clary sage and sandalwood

Cream – This mega hydrating moisturizer has ingredients that I use individually all over my body on a daily basis. This blend is non-comedogenic, so feel free to use it on your face because it won’t clog pores (will just fight wrinkles and help your skin look plush and glowy). Ingredients: Wildcrafted unrefined shea butter, Extra-virgin coconut oil, and Extra-virgin olive oil

Lip balm – This lip balm has a smooth consistency and feels great on my lips… and I’m a lip treat fanatic, so I’m beyond stoked to add another awesome lip balm to my ever growing collection. Flavors to choose from include citrus, cinnamon, and peppermint.  Ingredients: Candelilla wax, Extra-virgin coconut oil, Cocoa butter, and Essential oils

Sprout is available on my favorite vegan deal site Vegan Cuts! And if you use the discount code “BLOGFRIEND,” you’ll save an additional 10% off your order (doesn’t apply to shipping, expires Oct 31).

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