Vegan Deodorant That WORKS!

August 22, 2012By 23 Comments

For the longest time, when people have asked me what my favorite vegan deodorant is, I’ve always defaulted to saying Lavanila. It’s pretty awesome—it smells nice and vanilla-y, it’s long-lasting and it has a slight (like, mega slight) tingle factor, which I love. Only downfall? That shit is expensive—we’re talkin’ beaucoup buckereenos ($18 a pop). If I was a rich $kank I’d be all up on that deodoro 24/7/365, but I’ve got babies (ha, just one) to feed and bills to pay (cupcakes ain’t cheap, yo!).

So, what’s a vegan lassie to do? Find an alternative that’s equally as awesome, if not even better (yes, definitely better), for less bank ← but I’m not talkin’ Dollar Store-style, people (quality goods come at quality prices). Well, guess what? Done and done.

Ladies and germ-ridden arm pits everywhere, I proudly present Strawberry Hedgehog’s natural deodorant:

These deodorants are all-natural, handmade, come in 3 lovely scents (women’s, unisex, and men’s), and right now, you can get your hands on one for $10 (down from $12)! That’s a steal for high quality, handmade goods that make you smell and feel delicious!

Why I love this deodorant above all others:

  • It comes in a jar—SO much easier to apply (compared to similar-ingredient “stick” versions which are crazy crumbly)
  • I tried the Peaceful Person deodoro (thanks, Tracy), and the beautiful and relaxing lavender-scented concoction seriously worked like nothing I’ve ever tried before (and I’m a stinky beast). It even out-performed Lavanila as far as its long lastingness goes. I was skeptical, too (the ingredients seemed too simple)… but it turned out to be simply amazing! My arm pits and I are in awe. And I wanna say, that granted Tracy of Strawberry Hedgehog is my homegirl, I am 100% keeping shit real with y’all. You will NOT stink if you rock this stuff. If I’m wrong, you can bitch-slap me over the internet. 😉
  • You’ll never have to worry about pit stains on your clothing, clogged pores, toxic ingredients seeping into your skin, etc. when you make the switch to natural deodorant. Whatever you do, ditch the conventional name brands you’ve been buying at the store. They are all evil.

 Has another vegan deodorant stolen your pits’ heart? DISH!

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  1. Lia says:

    SO HAPPY! I read this review and purchased right after. Just used the deodorant for the first time on an hour long hike in 84 degree weather and it worked! The femme fatale maintained a nice flowery smell. No pit stink! I sweat a lot and this deodorant didn’t let me down. After trying a few vegan deodorants (Toms, La Vanila, etc.) I and so happy I finally found something that WORKS. 100% recommend!!! Plus I got a free soap sample 🙂

  2. Rei says:

    Thanks for the great recommendation! I love to hear about great cruelty free brands- I love the Tom’s toothpaste but the deodorant just didn’t work out for me, along with a whole bunch of other brands I tried out. Even though I loved the scent Lavanila scent seemed ineffective for me after awhile. Only cruelty free deodorant that has been perfect so far is the wonderful Oyin brand deodorant- that stuff is miraculous!

  3. She's So Eco says:

    This is an amazing review! I am very interested in Strawberry Hedgehog because of you! Your writing style is engaging and hilarious. Love!

  4. Tara says:

    Oh…my…lawd! I looooove this deodorant. I read your review and bought it a few days later. I’ve had it a week now and each day I’ve only had to apply it in the morning. No more furtive attempts to put another layer of crystal deodorant on at my desk. No more “yawning” with arms outstretched to take a secret whiff of my armpits. Strawberry Hedgehog is a frickin godsend! I’m buying more today just so I can hoard it!!

  5. Jazz says:

    Hi, thanks for this info! You have convinced me to try. I work out a lot.I have tried so many, but I am skeptical. I just placed an order, so we shall see. I will definately let you know! :0)

    • Sunny says:

      Yes, please keep me posted! 😀 Which scent did you order?

      • Jazz says:

        I got the femme fatale. I was torn between that and peaceful person. My usual was degree honeysuckle tea tree so I thought I would try this since I like semi flowery smells or earthy smells. I’m kind of excited!

        • Jazz says:

          Hello, Its me replying to me because I wanted to update. I ordered the femme fatale and it smelled terrific, and did the job wonderfully even after an hour and a half work out at the gym 4 days a week! After about 2 weeks the skin became itchy and dry. I began applying lotion at night to help it and when I wasnt going anywhere I lotioned it up. It would get better and once I applied the deodorant again within a couple of hours… itchy red. a couple days into that process and the skin peeled right off! it was freaky, like thick skinned super bad sunburn kind of peeling off. I stopped using it over a weekend and lotioned up again and it healed again. I tried it one last time and BAM… red and itchy! wahhhh…. I loved it so much! I have looked into making my own and will try my hand at it. I wont B**** slap you cuz it DID work… just too well?? it killed my arm pits and now im stinky and red/ peeling/ stingy. I wanted to just love all over the stuff. :o(

  6. Veronique says:

    I love Jason personally or Crystal for a bit of freshness. But i totally want to try this jars!

  7. Stephany says:

    Is it deodorant as in also antiperspirant because Tom’s of Maine now does an anti-perspirant. No sweating!

  8. Chez says:

    Wait… So you’re saying natural deodorant prevents the nasty stains on my husbands undershirts? Game changer!!

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Sunny,
    Thanks so much for making this blog. It’s great to see how much beauty stuff is out there that doesn’t involve nasty animal testing or gross chemical ingredients. I just wish that more of it would be available here in Europe (I live in the Netherlands). There is some stuff around but by far not the variety you show on your site. Such a shame.
    Keep up the good work, and congrats on your beautiful little baby boy! 🙂

  10. KG says:

    I just use plain old Mitchum (guy here)… antiperspirant, though, so not technically deodorant I guess. It’s on PETA’s cruelty free list, so I keep buying it as long as it remains there. I used to use Tom’s, but I absolutely hated it! It was never strong enough and I’d smell like a mix of B/O and Apricot by lunchtime haha.


  11. Amanda M. says:

    I like Body Shop’s DeoDry. And it’s only $5.

  12. Emily says:

    I took a look at the ingredients of the Strawberry Hedgehog deodorant and it’s baking soda, cornstarch, and glycerin and essential oils. This basic recipe has been floating around forever- just wanted to point out that it’s not really a new recipe and I know that other companies are now making a similar product. I make a homemade version with baking soda, cornstarch, shea butter and cocoa butter and it works great.

  13. Dawn W says:

    Naked Eye Beauty! The cream deodorant,$10 each, is vegan & natural,like all the products in the line.I buy the unscented kind.She (Jen) even adds kaolin clay for me,to make it softer and easier to apply.I’m about to order again soon,but first I’m sending back my empties to reuse,and she’s giving me a discount for it.I know I sound like a walking advertisement,but it’s the only vegan deodorant I found that actually works.Even in the summer heat.Seriously,I love this stuff.

  14. Alli says:

    Hey, Sunny! Thanks to your past vlog about vegan deodorant, I JUST switched from wearing Degree (I know, yuck!), and am on day three of vegan, cruelty-free deodorant. I had tried some in the past (Tom’s of Maine, etc.) that just didn’t work. Then, at Whole Foods a few days ago, I decided to get the Herban Cowboy for her maximum protection deodorant in the blossom scent. It’s seriously amazing. I was skeptical from past experiences, but I am proud to say that I will never go back to that poison that I was using before. And, the best part is, this stuff is only $8.99/stick! Thanks for all your great tips, videos, and blog posts. I look forward to future updates! (and congratulations on your little bambino!)

    • Sunny says:

      Omg, that sounds awesome! Will pick some up next time I’m at WF. I love their men’s cologne (for hubby). 🙂
      Thanks for your awesome comment and kind words. 😀

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