Eco Burnetie Shoes: Move Over, Chucks!

August 31, 2012By 4 Comments

Oh, how I my Chucks. I mean, I luuuuuurve them. But guess what I love even more? Burnetie Shoes! They offer a similar style shoe as Chucks, but they are waaaaaay more affordable. What makes them extra lovely is that they are also eco-friendly! They don’t use any chemical products or toxic methods and they reuse all of their leftover materials to create less waste. A shoe after my own heart. F’reals. ♥ ♥ ♥

I recently got my hands on a pair of yellow backdrop Burneties (I’ve been into bright and bold colors lately, can you tell?), and I instantly became swoony. First of all, lemme explain what their backdrop shoes are all about. These shoes basically convert into slip-ons (yes, peeps, slip-ons!)—which is great if you’re feeling lazy (guilty), are in a rush (guilty again) or you simply need to air out your footsies (been there, done that). All you have to do is fold down the back flap of the shoe and voila—cozy slip sneaks!

So, here’s a list of reasons why I’m smitten with Burneties:

  • They are eco-friendly aka Sunny and Mama Earth-approved.
  • They’re comfy.
  • They come in fun colors like yellow, turquoise, pink, plaid, etc. – holla!
  • LOVE their backdrop convertibles which can be worn as a classic kick or slip-ons
  • They are affordable (dog bless America)! The pair I’m rockin is currently on sale for $29.75. Happy Bunzo. 🙂

Note: Burnetie only carries whole sizes, so if you’re a half-size like I am, be sure to size down as they tend to run a bit large. I’m a 7 1/2 and a size 7 fits me perfectly.

Tell me about your favorite pair of vegan shoes! 😀

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  1. Amanda says:

    I was just checking out the website for Burnetie and nowhere on the site does it say the shoes are vegan. They talk about being environmentally responsible, but nothing about animals. They also have shoes with leather. Are you sure they are vegan and cruelty-free?

  2. Sabrina C says:

    If I am correct in my research (and I am pretty frickin’ sure I am), my Chacos are the best shoes I own. If it didn’t get cold/snow/sleet in the winter, I’d wear the dang things all the time. Favorite. Sandals. Ever.

  3. Katrina says:

    These remind me of Civic Duty Shoes, eco-friendly Chucks look-alikes! They have other styles too, but I love them especially because they are made of Tyvec! They only come in whole sizes as well, and I have the Fascination style and love them!

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