Native Touch: Natural Goodies for Mommy & Baby!

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In case you missed my big announcement a few months ago, this foin biatch is pregsenstein! Yeps, 8 1/2 months already! It’s never been more important for me to use super pure, natural and organic beauty products now that I’ve got a precious baby bun in the oven.

The sweet peeps at Native Touch recently sent me mommy & baby gift sets full of pampering goodies and I fell in ♥ with everything (thank you, Joseph & Laralyn RiverWind!). If you have loved ones who are expecting or already have little munchkins in their lives, you need to hook them up with one of these:

Little Cub Gift Set, $20: This all-natural baggie of skin treats is safe for the most sensitive skin. Each gift set comes with a Rooting Cub Rub (shea butter moisturizer), Dreamcatcher soap (take the soap out of the box, plant the box and it grows daisies), a Lavender sachet (smells DIVINE and relaxing), and everything is beautifully presented in either a pink or blue baby bear printed organza bag (super duper cute).

I also need a second to rave about their vegan lip balm, Lip Lick, $3. The other day I was going through my beloved stash of unopened, various-brand lip balms, and I happened across across an icky, sticky/tacky tube (will not name the brand since they may have since changed their formula and I prefer not to knock vegan brands at all), which wound up going in the trash. 🙁 Then I decided to crack open a tube from Native Touch and it was on par with some of my faves like Crazy Rumors and Hurraw… It actually might be my all-time fave! It’s the perfect consistency, it glides on effortlessly, it doesn’t fall apart or develop and funky lumps, it’s tingly (peppermint-style), and just straight up wunderbar! Will have to order more for sure! Btw, I’m a HUGE lip balm person (I wear it 24/7), so I don’t play around when I say this lip balm is the shit! Take my word. 😉

What are some of your favorite vegan lip balms and mommy/baby skin care products? 

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