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April 11, 2012By 5 Comments

It’s time for another weekly roundup of some of my favorite vegan goodies! Enjoy!

Book: Skinny Bitch Book of Vegan Swaps, $15.99—In this fun, reader-friendly book/guide, Kim Barnouin breaks veganism down in a handy dandy, digestible way *pun intended* (btw, it’s perfect for newbs and forever-vegans alike). Whether you’re constantly on-the-go, traveling or just the busy bee that you are, sections like “The Best Places for Vegans to Grocery Shop,” “Delicious Swaps for Your Favorite Dairy Products,” and “Top Ten Things to Eat While Stranded in an Airport” are going to make your life much, much easier (and healthier)!

Skin Care Product: Miracle Clay’s Moisture Intense Daily Lotion (grapefruit scent), $14.95—Velvety skin with the sweet, delicate scent of pink grapefruit? Count me in! This mega hydrating lotion contains more than 60 trace minerals, chamomile, yarrow and almond oil—all which nourish even the driest of dry skin—trust me, my skin has been gnarls since winter started and my body is so stoked to have this heavenly blend of moisture by my side (btw, it’s perfect for applying right after a nice, long, relaxing bath).

Hair Care Product: Use Me’s Cleanser for Dry or Course Hair, $29.99—Ain’t gonna lie, it’s a bit pricey, but this hair care product is magical. I constantly battle with dry, crusty-ass hair and this moisture-rich cleanser makes my hair super smooth without drying it out or making it limp. This product is especially focused on infusing the scalp with extra love, since that’s where healthy hair begins. Don’t expect a sudsy, foam festival either. Embrace its understated yet highly effective formula and simply enjoy the results. It’s pH-balanced, sulfate & paraben-free (←’tis a big deal), and of course, vegan (smells nice, too). 🙂

Makeup: Naked Eye Beauty’s Peachy Glow Mineral Blush, $11—I always have a hard time finding blush shades that gel with my skin tone. I’ve got lipstick and eye shadow shades down, but I’ve been guilty of clowning up my visage by rockin’ all sorts of wretched reds and purples (yes, purples!!) on my cheeks. Lol, less is more… I’ve learned that a subtle touch of color can make a WORLD of difference. I ♥ this peachy glow blush… like a lot. I honestly feel like it would look amazing on any skin tone. I love the way it feels on my skin, too.

Lip Product: Naked Eye Beauty’s Rose Tinted Lip Balm, $8—I ♥ the subtle hint of rosey lip color this vegan tinted lip balm provides. It also goes on effortlessly and makes my smackers feel über nourished! It’s made with soothing sweet almond oil, creamy mango butter, nourishing coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, and it’s flavored with passionfruit rose (yum!). Bonus: you can use this rosey balm for a bit of cheek color, too. Definitely a purse staple, ladies!

Bedroom Accessory: KM Fantasy Candle, $14.99—Dim the lights, grab your beau and enjoy a relaxing, romantic massage! These massage oil candles melt down to a fragrant, sexy massage oil and are made from top-grade soy and jojoba oils. Scents to choose from: Luscious Lemon Soufflé, Arousing Chocolate Mint and Euphoric Coconut.

Vegan Food: Gobble Green’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars, $9.99 for 4 bars—I’m gonna be bold and say this may be the BEST vegan dessert I have EVER eaten. It tastes just like peanut butter cups but better. It’s so smooth and creamy and it literally melts in your mouth. Put this on your foodie bucket list fo’ shiz! P.s. It’s nice that you can just order it online and it’ll show up right at your door (I personally like to privatize while I gluttonize). 😉

Fun Monthly Goodies: Green Grab Bag, $15/month (includes a minimum of 6 beauty samples)—This monthly subscription sample service brings you all sorts of natural and organic beauty products for a super chill monthly fee. It’s a great way to try products before droppin’ some serious $$ (and it’s fun)!

Which vegan products have you been rockin’ lately?

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  1. StyleDestino says:

    My favourite beauty product is the Laqa and Co fat lip pencils, butter London nail polish and Lavera shampoos!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Giovanni 50:50 shampoo and conditioner! They are gentle, balanced (haha), and have made my hair feel so light and shiny. And I just got the book Vegan For Life by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina – I’m only a few chapters in but can already tell that it is going to be a fabulous vegan resource. 🙂

    • Sunny says:

      I LOVE Giovanni hair care! Love that it’s available at Traget, too. 🙂

      I’ll have to check that book out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Sabrina says:

    I have been rockin’ all of my LUSH products lately. Everything from hair to face to lotion to bath bombs, I’ve been using and loving. Thanks for introducing me to LUSH!

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