This Week’s Favorite Vegan Things

April 30, 2012By 6 Comments

Ready for another roundup of vegan must-have goodies? Me too! Let’s DO this! And my faves this week are…

Bath indulgence: Native Touch Deep Breath Bath Salts – I took a nice, long, hot bath with the salts when I was slightly snifflekins, and the powerful blend of euclayptus, lavender, rosemary, tea tree oil and peppermint leaves mos def helped clear my nasal passageways. I’m such a mint freak anyway, so I knew I’d fall in love with these bath salts before even trying. 🙂

Mama-to-be product: Honest Body Oil – This is from Jessica Alba’s baby line—how cool is that!? It’s completely natural, organic, vegan, and super safe for mommy and baby. This body oil, which I’ve been slathering all over myself (especially over my ripe preggo tum-tum) after nightly baths, is light, soothing fast-absorbing and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It’s made with sustainably grown & certified organic olive oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil, and sunflower oil.

Anti-aging product: Marula Oil from The Leakey Collection – First of all, this East African marula oil has higher levels of antioxidants and omega 9 than argan or grape seed oil (!!!). This mega potent anti-aging miracle oil is fast absorbing, light, non-greasy, and straight-up luxurious! There have been proven results with continued use—see for yourself! Bonus: The packaging and bottle the oil comes in gets an A++—gorgeous!!

Foodie find: Frozen Dried Persimmons from Trader Joe’s – Persimmons are nature’s candy, and I don’t say that lightly… I am NOT one of those people who turns to fruit when I want dessert, so take my word on this. Talk about a healthy treat—this handy-dandy box of yum-yums is like cold, sweet, fruity pudding—and it only has one ingredient—persimmons. SO good! Fingers crossed that TJ’s keeps this on their shelves forevah!

Book: Vegan Junk Food by Lane Gold – This gem is for kids, omnies, vegheads and all peeps in between! The 225 recipes in this book are guaranteed to make ya drool and go gaga for insanely delish pizzas, burgers, pasta, tacos, mac and cheese, you name it! I do wish the book had yummy food pics for every single recipe (I realize that’s pretty costly, though), but all is forgiven considering there are recipes for frickin’ Cinnamon Roll French Toast and corn dogs! 😉 SCORE!

What are your current favorite vegan things?

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  1. Coco says:

    The Marula Oil from The Leakey Collection is amazing! I can totally tell the difference in the texture of my skin since I started using it. And it really DOES help heal burns and scrapes! The smell is so relaxing, too.

  2. Jan Syvertsen says:

    I have been a user of Marula Oil from The Leakey Collection for a couple of years now and have seen a huge difference in the quality of my otherwise very dry skin! I highly recommend it!

  3. Paulina says:

    Current faves: Crazy Rumors Chai Tea lip balm (best lip balm ever!), Uncle Eddie’s Chocolate Chip vegan cookies, and…The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide!

    Thanks for sharing your vegan finds! All were new to me.

    ~A fellow pregnant vegan

  4. Mary says:

    I have been using Marula oil everyday since the beginning of March. I absolutely love it! I also love the way it smells. I got into a minor car accident the other day and scraped my knee up. So I have been using the Marula oil on it. It has been healing rather well! I have also noticed my fine smile lines become less noticeable.

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