Easter Goodies from LUSH!

April 2, 2012By 1 Comment

Easter’s this weekend, and you know what that means: chickies and li’l bunsies galore… vegan-style, that is.

Skip dyeing Easter eggs (aka chicken periods) this year and instead rock some colorful bath sudsies with LUSH bath bombs—holla!

LUSH has some supa-dupa cute vegan Easter goodies this year that’ll perfectly complement the vegan chocolate bunnies in your cruelty-free Easter basket. 🙂 Chickity-chick check out their eggciting new bath treats:

Hippy Chick, $4.95: This gorgeous-smelling grapefruit, bergamot and frankincense fizzy bath bomb is redonkulously cute! Need. Want. Gimme, gimme!

Carrot Top, $7.95: Can’t take a bath without bubbles? Me neither! This bodacious bubble bar is my FAVE ’cause it’ll turn your bath into a fruity, frothy, lemon-y, buchu-y scented foam festival. YUM! It’s also good for 7-10 baths—so you can savor this fruity vegetable delight all week long!

The Immaculate Eggception (yellow or pink), $12.95: When I first saw these, I was like “Get the f*ck out!! How is it that LUSH keeps outcuting itself?!” These fizzy egg-shaped bath bombs each contain a secret surprise… perhaps a bunny or a chickie-poo—you’ll just have to crack the Bath Bomb shell to find out! This one can be used all at once, or each bit used for separate baths–so one could last you three baths (←that’s how I like to roll)!


Bunny Knot Wrap, $5.95 & Chick Knot Wrap, $4.95: You’re all stocked up on LUSH products, now what? Pimp up your gift-givin’ style with these cutie patootie bath bomb/bubble bar warps—totally adorbs!


Which kind of vegan goodies will you be treating yourself to this year? 🙂

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  1. Sabrina says:

    So, it is because of this blog that I hunted down the closest LUSH I could possibly find (an hour away) and checked out their products. I have to say, I LOVE them! I bought the Immaculate Eggception and Carrot Top on my last trip there, along with some facial products. Carrot Top is for my nephew. He LOVES bubble baths and I have no doubt he’ll enjoy swishing it around to make his own bubbles.

    Immaculate Eggception? Made me feel like a kid! Getting to crack it open and see what the prize was inside was great. It smelled amazing, perfumed my entire bathroom, and it still smelled like it when I went to bed. Love this stuff so much!

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