Soulstice Nail Polish Review & Giveaway!

November 23, 2011By 69 Comments

Soulstice Spa, a vegan and cruelty-free company, has an exquisite line of natural body products and non-toxic nail polishes (i.e. free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate) that you’re gonna wanna get your hands on!

I’d like to quickly say that I’ve been rockin’ their concrete grey-blue Manchester shade (btw, I ♥ how all of the colors are city-inspired), and I luuuuuuuurve it! I have to admit, I’ve gone a li’l nuts over every and all shades of grey polish lately, but the blue-y hue of this one really sets it apart from the rest (it reminds me of a romantic, overcast, fall evening sky). It’s also been almost 2 weeks since I applied this beauteous color to my nails, and it’s holding up quite nicely.

Soulstice just launched five new nail shades for fall (LA, Dublin, South Beach, Ibiza, and Telluride), and to celebrate, we want YOU to win ’em all ($40 value)!

To enter to win this set of 5 Soulstice nail polishes, simply “like” Soulstice on Facebook, and comment below with the name of your all-time favorite nail color. All entrants must be 18 years and older and residents of the US or Canada to enter to win. The winner will be chosen at random and notified on Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2011! Good luck! xx

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  1. Kerry says:

    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I always like pale pink/peach shades for everyday, and deep reds.

  2. Kim says:

    Telluride is my fav. PICK ME PICK ME!

  3. jessica says:

    Best color ever……. GUNMETAL

  4. Nicole says:

    I haven’t painted my nails this color in awhile, yet black is my all-time favorite!

  5. Sam says:

    I love the Ibiza color! (I liked ’em)

  6. Lulu says:

    I liked them on fb 🙂

    My favorite would be OPI Vodka & caviar, I love the smooth formula and jelly finish. Plus it’s such a classic color!

  7. Diane Mason says:

    My alltime favorite nail color is the palest of the pale pink.

  8. Anitra Byrum says:

    I love there black sparkly and gray shades, it gives me the elegant night look.

  9. Lily says:

    Buenos Aires! Si Si! All. The. Way. (I liked them on FB!)

  10. Sara Jane Kurpeski says:

    Yellow, gray, black, deep red!!

  11. Mandy says:

    Zoya – Kennedy! Love!! 😀

  12. lizc says:

    its hard to pick a favorite! but i love any kind of glitter 🙂

  13. Danielle says:

    I “Liked” Soulstice on FB as Danielle Sauers

    My favorite nail color is Zoya’s Anastasia

  14. virtual.jess says:

    Liked! I am a red girl all the way. Red nails, dark and shiny and brutal. <3

  15. Adele says:

    Hana is a very pretty color! I liked the Facebook page.

  16. Donna F. says:

    liked on facebook…I love Cassis!

  17. Consider them liked! I’m always looking for great new vegan-friendly polishes! My all time favorite color is blood red. It doesn’t even matter what brand as long as it is that deep dark almost-black red!

  18. Pam Turick says:

    Cassis! Very pretty colors!

  19. Tina says:

    Favorite is probably Kiev! Or Kona, even though they’re like night & day 🙂

  20. LcoyoteS says:

    It’s a tough choice, but Kona looks lovely!

  21. Shell says:

    Montreal! I’m always down for purple toes!

  22. I have to say right now it’s Navy Baby… but i want to go for a more natural product, I’m slowly branching out as finances afford to replace what i already have… I do adore that telluride, I think it would look amazing against my pale skin but the manchester has great photo potential… love, now to go like on FB

  23. Jessica says:

    Manchester looks super pretty!

  24. Rebecca Russell says:

    I think I’m gonna have to go with China Glaze Frostbite as my all time fave color. 🙂

  25. LaJana says:

    I love the Manchester shade but the Dublin is my next favorite!! I would love to win this but even if I don’t I still have this polish on my Christmas list!!!!

  26. stephanie w says:

    I like their dublin color.

  27. Julia P says:

    I like Solstice on facebook. My favorite nail colors are purples, all kinds of purples : )

  28. Amanda says:

    I like their Odessa color! I liked them on Facebook.

  29. Patricia says:

    My favorite is Kona!!

  30. Connie Comeaux says:

    I love mauves, and also pewter colors.

  31. Stephanie says:

    Liked on FB. My favorite color is South Beach!

  32. Karine says:

    My favor color depends on the season 🙂

  33. Jamie Shakotko says:

    Showed my love by liking them on Facebook. My favorite color would be Kona 🙂

  34. Rose says:

    I liked them on Facebook. Their polishes look lovely and the reviews that I’ve found have all been positive. Definitely going to buy some of these babies!

    My current favorite polish is Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow. Love me some glitter.

  35. Sonnet says:

    I liked them on Facebook! I love the Manchester color on your nails. I love dark grey and super nude colors right now. Awesome giveaway!

  36. Michelle I (MidniteEcho75) says:

    I already like Soulstice on Facebook.

    I can’t choose just one color, I love polish too much! ANd my favorite color changes with my mood, the weather, just about everything…. I guess I am most imoressed by blues/greens/teals/etc… since I almost always come home with that color.

  37. Anutka says:

    I like them on FB as Wacky Laki
    My favorite colors are grays. For now Zoya Kelly.
    I have never tried Soulstice, thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  38. Michelle L. says:

    I liked them on Facebook. I love Tiffany Blue, so any nail polish in that shade or similar is an instant buy for me like China Glaze’s For Audrey.

  39. Jessyca says:

    I love any unusual dark colors, especially during the winter time!

  40. Ana says:

    Venice is my colour of choice!!

  41. Abbey says:

    I liked you on fb. I’m a vegan and this is awesome the green are my favorites. Much love

  42. Madeline says:

    anything dark and uber sexy <3

  43. Taylor says:

    I love experimenting with colors, but basic black is my all time fave! Although, the other day I painted my nails red except for my ring fingers with I did in matte turquoise and I LOVED how it looked.

  44. Crystalline says:

    Liked on Facebook & my favorite nail polish color is an earthy purple. \(>.<)/

  45. Sehra says:

    My favourite nail polish is definetly Kotori by Zoya. My skin’s very pale so the darkness and glitter really stands out well. I love it.

  46. Stacy says:

    Liked on FB. My favorite is Zoya Stella

  47. Rachelle Aalgaard says:

    Liked on Facebook and my favorite nail color is Black. Yeah, I know real original but I love the way black nail polish looks on pale skin =)

  48. Haley Alexander says:

    Fan on Facebook! I love the black color best!!

  49. Jade Maharrey says:

    I liked them on Facebook!

    I love SpaRitual’s Health, Wealth & Happiness Nail Lacquer. 🙂

  50. Calli says:

    I liked them on facebook!

    My all-time favorite is Nicole by OPI Green Up Your Act, a perfect chrsitmas-tree green!

  51. Kaitlin Aase says:

    My favorite color of all time is Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI 🙂

  52. My favorite nail color of all time is Romeo & Joliet by OPI =)

  53. Lauren M F says:

    Hi! Liked on facebook color and it looks to be the fave color is South Beach.

  54. Sabrina says:

    I liked them on FB. My favorite is Kona!

  55. Facebook Name: The Nail Files
    Favorite colors of all time.. (sorry I couldn’t choose just one!)

    Deborah Lippmann: Across the Universe
    OPI: DS Original, Hey! Get in Lime
    China Glaze: Celtic Sun, Mummy May I
    Orly: Bubbly Bombshell

  56. Vegyogini says:

    I “liked” the Soulstice page! This is a difficult choice…I’m partial to Riverview Rave by No Miss (but I also love their Beeline Butter and Scotch’s Morning Glory Fizz). xoxo

  57. Sophia says:

    Yes, I liked them on FB…love the Soulstice color “Venice,” the golden shine one…yum!

  58. StephanieMarie says:

    Liked ’em on facebook! They have great colors!! Looks like it goes on great, too!
    My all time favorite polish: Devilish!

  59. Jessica says:

    I love lusty lime from Claires!

  60. Amanda beard says:

    I loop love the color LA! I also live out here 🙂
    I was already a fan on fb

  61. Anne says:

    hehe I liked them on Facebook a while ago. My favorite polish is Zoya Charla!!! It is a pretty color!

  62. Claud says:

    Liked Soulstice, check! Current favorite nail polish, Carry On by Essie. Thanks for this giveaway! Awesome! 🙂

  63. Catharine says:

    I liked them on fb. Dublin is my favorite color of theirs.

  64. Jonnie H says:

    I like Soulstice on facebook as Jb Hartling and my favorite nail polish is Camouflage by Revlon

  65. Christina says:

    I liked on fb. Telluride is my fave.

  66. Tashina says:

    I like them on Facebook. 🙂

    My favorite of their shades is Telluride. I’m a sucker for pastels.

  67. My all time favorite nail polish color in Nubar 2010!!!

  68. Lindsay says:

    my favourite nail colour or nail polish? well my favourite colour for polish is green. my favourite polish of all time is probably China Glaze Zombie Zest!

  69. Sophie says:

    I already like them on Facebook 🙂
    My all time favourite is Zoya Edyta

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